It's time to throw away the scales!

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Getting rid of the scales!

The bathroom scales only lead to weight obsession.

They are an inaccurate form of weight measurement and can make people believe they have put on weight, when in fact many other factors can lead to the scale dial moving up or down, not just losing or gaining body fat.

Did you know that your morning weight is naturally lighter than your end of day weight? Yes, this is true... the end of day weight can be up to 5lbs more. This is normal.

Another reason to dump the scales!


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i just read the link to this

i just read the link to this page and it gave me anxiety.


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it made me feel the same

it made me feel the same way.

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yea. i want to cry

yea. i want to cry just thinking about it. i would have to be forced to throw it away...

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Throw it away!

I just threw out my scale from my 3rd floor apartment. VERY LIBERATING! (I am used to weighing myself 3-4 times a day). Flinging it out the window is the most in control thing I have done in a LONG LONG LONG time. Get rid of your scales; just make sure you don’t hit anyone ;)

Live, Laugh, Love

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did it before

Oh god - i did this before and it felt great. But i felt like i was gaining weight so i got another one! Truth is when i stepped up on it i hadn't gained at all, i'd actually lost a couple of pounds. Now can i pluck up the courage to do it again...

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On my To Do list

I want to throw my scales out but the thought of it makes me feel anxious because I don't trust myself to be able to eat the right amount and maintain my weight without checking my weight each day, the scales make me feel more in control.

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luluellabelle, well i your

luluellabelle, well i your mind has been wrong all this time, to think and act out on b/ping, then what's wrong with trying something different: throwing out the scale. I mean, we all never trusted ourselves, we don't trust ourselves to think that it will be OKAY if I gain a little. Weight always slightly fluctuates, and if we trust our bodies and listen to the nourishment it needs, then we can eat normally. We just obsess so MUCH about food, we block out any rational thought process. So be courageous, which is defined as standing in the face of fear, and try something radical , new, and have faith, trust that you will be provided with what you need and that your body knows best!

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They've gone

Hey, I did it, I chucked the scales out! I feel really proud! I'm not even missing them so far..... Thanks for your message. I hope all's good with you. Take care x Lulu

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this really helped!

I didnt think i could ever get rid of my scale! I used to weigh myself before and after each b/p, every morning and night. when I first stopped throwing everything up, I still weighed myself everyday and after a few days, I actually lost weight. then I got so obsessed with keeping that weight off, I panicked at gaining even as little as 200g. that's like a glass of water. wow, it sounds really stupid now, getting upset over that. but it made me start b/p again, but I just got heavier and heavier and I thought i had to b/p more strictly. Stepping on the scales only made me start b/p again.

I came across this site right as I was trying to get back into recovery. I read this article and didnt think I could stop stepping on the scale, but after a day or two, I finally did it! actually, I took out the batteries and hid them in the back of my closet. (I was too cheap to throw out a perfectly working scale, haha)

Now I can eat a "normal" meal, and since I dont have to weigh myself, it feels like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders. After throwing out the scales, I realized that stepping on the scales was like a test at school I knew I'd flunk or something. you dont wanna take it but you know you have to kinda thing. it was really causing stress, and I think that stress was part of what made me wanna binge in the first place.

I know I've probably put on a few pounds, but I dont have a scale so I dont actually have to see it. My clothes still fit the same, I look the same in the mirror, so I can calmly tell myself even if I were to weigh myself and find out I weigh more, its probably water weight, or my muscles getting bigger cuz I have more energy and I'm more active now.

If any of you are reading this and feeling hesitant toward throwing out your scales, I say do it!! its the biggest thing that I've done physically to help me start my recovery!!!

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I weighed myself 10 times a

I weighed myself 10 times a day...and i was completely obsessed as well. I was the same, concerned about gaining weight from even drinking a glass of water. So i would tend to restrict water intake too after stepping on the scale and seeing a weight that I was horrified with. I stopped b/p 4 days ago, then I messed up last night. I binged, but I didnt purge. I also was able to stop in the middle of the binge which was huge. But, because I didnt purge and I have been on a normal eating routine for the past few days I feel so bloated and heavy. But, I still havent stepped on a scale and it has been 3 days. I want to, but I know that it will just make me want to purge again.

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Once my scales broke down and

Once my scales broke down and I didn't buy a new one for two months. I forced myself not to think about my weight, and finally started to eat somewhat normally, even if I've felt that my jeans had become a bit tighter. When I got a new one I saw that I've gained more than 10 pounds.
Thanks, I don't want that anymore. I've become so depressed that it led to an immediate bp.

"If you want it... so you should."

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I've just read again what I

I've just read again what I wrote. What he hell?
My weight shouldn't be more important than my health. I'm totally crazy.

"If you want it... so you should."

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5lb more at night?! new there was a reason i only weigh myself if i havent eaten, but thats not good to know.
id love o chuck them out, but on the other hand, having the same ones gives me reasurance that i know the difference, like using more then one set i cant do, so throwing mine out would be scary because if i used others my weight wouldnt be the same as normal, which would creep me out.
cant even let the doctors weigh me, even if they dont tell me!
maybe one day il chuck them, or atleast put them away.


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I did it!

Last time my therapist and husband told me to get rid of my scale, I had an all out panic attack. So my husband hid it in the garage. I found it and convinced him to give it back. He did and now I've started obsessing on it again. Well, tonite's trash nite and I handed it my husband and watched him walk it to the trash can by the road. I'm scared and relieved at the same time. I know it's a trigger and it had to go....along with those "skinny bitch" books.

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skinny bitch books!

Hey, i just happened to be meandering past your post, and i wanted to say i totally relate to the skinny bitch book craze! i swear to god those books just perpetuate dysfunctional body image... and i'm actually a vegetarian, but THOSE (well, bitches) are just crazyy!


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I haven't read them in full,

I haven't read them in full, but from what I've seen, I completely agree with you in saying that they perpetuate a dysfunctional body image. Furthermore, as a vegan, I hate that they make veganism seem like a way to lose weight instead of what it's actually about (animal rights). Basically, I hate every message this book sends.

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I completely agree, making

I completely agree, making the decision to not eat meat (or if you choose not to eat any animal biproducts) should never be at all about losing weight. If anything, it should be about getting healthy, or if you're like me, both that AND because I love animals!
Just the title alone is kind of messed up... not to mention the cartoons of impossibly thin women, it all just seems weird to me.
Veganism is not a diet fad!


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