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Our team regularly posts blogs on all aspects of bulimia, sharing our particular insights and inspiring recovery.

We all know that bulimia can have a lot of devastating side effects and complications but how do the long term effects of bulimia impact recovery and is it ever possible to fully recover as a result?

If you’ve recently discovered that a loved one has bulimia then you’ll undoubtedly want to do everything in your power to help them - but where do you start? Take a look at these great tips and ideas...

Bulimia has long been associated with substance abuse. In this article we take a look at the possible reasons for this link and discuss the idea that some people suffer from "multi-impulsive bulimia."

Researchers have proven time and time again that a restrictive diet has the ability to induce every single physical and psychological symptom we associate with bulimia. 

Check out my top strategies that will help you stop purging forever!






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