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Our team regularly posts blogs on all aspects of bulimia, sharing our particular insights and inspiring recovery.

Here is a powerful recovery story for you. 

Jen suffered with bulimia for most of her adult life. Thankfully, following the steps of the Bulimia Help Method she was able to make a full recovery.

Jen believes those years of suffering have only made her stronger and wiser. Inspired by her recovery she now dedicates her life to coaching others to recovery.

I asked her to share her powerful, inspirational story and you can listen to it here:

Two hands holding supporting each other during bulimia recovery.

Two years of being a bulimia coach, helping others through recovery and four years of full recovery have taught me a lot about what it really takes to overcome bulimia.

Today I’m going to share some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned during this time.

I hope that my personal insight and understanding of recovery will help you to feel motivated and inspired as you continue on your journey.

Perhaps I can even help you to see certain aspects of recovery a little differently too? 

Okay, the first lesson may be a bit of a shocker, but here we go…

For someone with bulimia, what does it mean to be ‘in recovery?’ Why does it seem like for every step forward, we take another one back? In the midst of a confusing, frustrating and scary recovery, it is difficult to remove yourself from the situation and look at things objectively.

However, after recovery I am able to easily recognize my own thoughts that held me back. Maybe by sharing those obstacles, you can overcome them more quickly than I did. 

My struggle with bulimia lasted 6 years, and my eating disorder history dates back even longer. It took me a full year to recover, which seemed like eternity thanks to some false beliefs and fears.

As you may know, I am now a recovery coach here at Bulimia Help. My recovery inspires me every day to continue sharing the message that a lifelong recovery is possible and within your reach. In order to accomplish this, you have to let go of those thoughts and false beliefs that are holding you back.

So here they are: the 10 thoughts that held me back during recovery.

Listen to this incredible interview with Bulimia Help Member Pat Mary as she shares how she found full recovery after suffering with bulimia for 43 years...

I’d like to invite you to listen to this uplifting, insightful and hugely inspiring recovery interview with Sophie, one of our current Bulimia Help Members.

Sophie joined us back in September after struggling with bulimia for over 8 years and although she’s only been with us for 4 months, thanks to the Bulimia Help Method (and A LOT of hard work) she’s already discovering just how incredible life without bulimia can be.

During her interview, Sophie talks openly and honestly about the main challenges she’s had to deal with along the way while also giving detailed accounts of:

  • Her personal experiences of dealing with the “recovery bloat” and the strategies that helped her through.
  • How she was able to make sense of the anxiety and intense feelings of distress that surfaced at the start of her recovery.  
  • How she began getting to grips with emotional binge urges.
  • How she slowly adapted to Structured Eating and the role it’s played in her recovery so far.
  • The moment she first discovered Bulimia Help and how it’s already changed her life forever.
  • How she maintains her motivation levels when facing more challenging days and her hopes for the future.
  • The physical and emotional transformations she’s undergone as a direct result of recovery.

No matter what stage of recovery you’re at, Sophie’s interview is packed with so many motivational insights and recovery tips that it’s really not to be missed!

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P.S Also, I forgot to mention, you can check out her recovery blog here:

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