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Our team regularly posts blogs on all aspects of bulimia, sharing our particular insights and inspiring recovery.

Over the past week we’ve embarked on a gigantic, first of its kind, collaborative project with 50 members from our community...

What’s the best eating disorder recovery book you’ve ever read? Being a bit of a bookworm I’ve managed to work my way through mountains of recovery-type books over the years and I’d love to share just a few of my favourites with you today.

Despite what you may have heard, you are never too old to have bulimia and it is never too late to recover.

When you begin to feel stable in your recovery it can be the perfect time to start chasing those other big life dreams!

No matter what stage of recovery you’re at right now, having a well thought out and rehearsed plan of attack is going to go a long way in helping you to remain relapse-free over the Easter Holidays.  






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