Recovery blog

Our team regularly posts blogs on all aspects of bulimia, sharing our particular insights and inspiring recovery.

In this week's special recovery article we look at why binge urges can be more powerful later in the day and I share some of the things that really helped me to overcome those evening binge urges while recovering.

In today’s special recovery article I talk about some of the ways my own life has been transformed thanks to recovery and share a short exercise that will not only help you to visualise your own spectacular bulimia-free life, but will also enable you to remain motivated, driven and inspired through those more challenging days. 

Learn how using positive affirmations can help you to transform and reprogram negative thought processes. 

5 simple steps that could really help you to break free from obsessive calorie counting behaviours in recovery.

During my own journey towards recovery I discovered some truly wonderful women and men who had completely recovered from their eating disorders and today, as part of this week’s special recovery article, I’d love to introduce you to one of those people.






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