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Can you recover from bulimia?

When you have bulimia you can feel so trapped and helpless that it can be impossible to ever imagine breaking free. Some people may find it hard to remember a time when they didn’t have bulimia or at least some form of disordered eating.

When you’ve lived most of your life having a very unhealthy relationship with food the prospect of recovery can be seriously overwhelming.

Others may be of the mind-set that “no one ever really recovers from bulimia” or at least recovery “only happens for other people”.

Bulimia creates such a sense of hopelessness that suffers can be lead to believe that recovery is not even an option for them but -  that is just not true!

Everyone has the ability to recover from bulimia, no matter how long they have suffered for


So to answer the question “Does full recovery from bulimia really exist?” – YES, it truly does!

We can ALL make a 100% recovery! (Bulimia Help Member, 2011)

To help you understand the realities of recovery a little better let's first explore some of the "recovery confusion" that is often responsible for warping people’s perceptions of what true recovery looks like.

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5 Tried and Tested Strategies for Finding More Happiness in Recovery

Happiness in recovery

It's no secret that when you have fully recovered from bulimia you are going to find yourself feeling happier, healthier and more alive than ever before - and let me tell you, life after bulimia is going to exceed ALL of your expectations!

But what about your feelings right now in this moment?

Do you wish you were happier in recovery?

If like many people in recovery, you've found yourself trapped in a cycle of unhappiness, simply waiting for that "light at the end of the tunnel" then I need you to know one thing...

You do NOT need to wait for happiness to come to you.

Of course no one is completely happy 100% of the time, and that's okay, we are only human after all.

But by working on increasing your general happiness you're going to:

  • Increase your motivation levels and find new energy to focus on your recovery.
  • Become more resilient to stress meaning you're better equipped to deal with the pressures of recovery. 
  • Bounce back from relapses and "bad days" faster.
  • Be more likely to stick with recovery long-term.

Today I'm going to share some strategies that will enable you to experience this for yourself.

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Interview with Alison Lee on 12 months of recovery

Listen as Alison Lee shares her personal struggle with bulimia and takes us on an incredibly honest and inspiring journey through the past 12 months of her recovery.

Alison shares how she went from a life of exhaustion and depression, spending $800 a week on groceries and not knowing how to stop bingeing, to achieving full recovery from bulimia in just 12 months.

She reveals many personal recovery insights along the way too, including how she adapted to structured eating, how she managed to avoid acting on powerful binge urges, the importance of avoiding “people pleasing” during recovery and the advice she wants to give to those of you still struggling with bulimia today.

This is really powerful stuff, so if you’re still unsure about whether recovery is right for you then I urge you to listen to Alison’s story today, it may just end up changing your life! Please note, the interview is around 60 minutes long so you may want to download it your computer
and pop it on your MP3 player.

Click on the arrow below to listen to the audio


Right-click this link here  and choose "Save Link As..." to save the audio to your computer

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So this is what it feels like to be 3 years recovered!

Just 3 years ago, if someone would have asked me how I imagined my life being today, I can’t say I would have given the most optimistic answer.

After all I was just starting out on the road to recovery at that point and you know how it can be at the start. Everything is so intimidating, scary and emotionally overwhelming. Back then I simply had no idea of the extent to which recovering from bulimia could change a person’s life.

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Are you putting your dreams on hold?

When you begin to feel stable in your recovery it can be the perfect time to start chasing those other big life dreams!

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Recovery transforms lives in the most spectacular ways

In today’s special recovery article I talk about some of the ways my own life has been transformed thanks to recovery and share a short exercise that will not only help you to visualise your own spectacular bulimia-free life, but will also enable you to remain motivated, driven and inspired through those more challenging days. 

Thoughts on recovery...almost there.

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It has been quite a long time since I blogged, and I find myself busy with life, for once, after a long time of being away, engaging with people and actually being excited to start the day!

For a long time I kept asking myself, can I recover from this...? The answer, I can assure everyone, is YES.

But, I would not say I am fully recovered, only because there are times when I still get a little urge to binge and purge, but it is not like an overwhelming wave of desire that feel like is uncontrollable, no I am in control, and it is more like a little blip. I also know that when it does happen it is either because I am stressed with a writing deadline, tired or juts plain hungry.

Remember this feeling!!!

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Hi every one i haven't written in a while but i am always on here reading everyones blogs so glad that i found this site. thank you everyone for sharing there thoughts. I am writting this blog to remind myself how much better life is now that i have come a long way in recovery.

Remember how good you feel in the mornings-clear head, no sore throat, no aching tummy.

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Inspirational bulimia blog posts

In need of a healthy dose of bulimia recovery inspiration? In this article we take a look at some truly inspiring blog posts from members of Bulimia Help

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What does it mean to fully recover from bulimia?

Today I wanted to talk to you about something you’ve probably given a lot of thought to -

What does it mean to be fully recovered?

When you think about recovery how does it look?

How is it different to your life now?

What does being fully recovered really mean to you?

The truth is there is a lot of confusion out there in regards to what it means to really recover from bulimia. It doesn’t help that we have a lot of people (even professionals) telling us that recovery will require a life long commitment.

Everywhere I look I hear people talking about how recovery is “a battle for life” – well let me just clear this up right now:

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Bulimia Quotes

This page is packed with some truly inspirational and uplifting bulimia recovery quotes. The quotes are taken from famous authors, musicians, poets, artists, world leaders, old proverbs and regular every day people too!

While a lot of the quotes are not specifically “bulimia nervosa quotes” you’ll still be able to relate them to your own recovery journey. It’s a great idea to read through these quotes if you need a little more motivation or encouragement in recovery. Enjoy!

Quotes to inspire your recovery

I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. - Bill Cosby


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