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Hi I'm Catherine, a Recovery Coach at Bulimia Help... Ask Me Anything!

All you need to do is leave a comment with your question below and I will do my very best to answer it for you. 

Whether you have questions about the recovery process in general, are experiencing a specific problem in your recovery and need some insight, want to ask me about my own personal recovery experiences or even if you'd just like to know a little bit more about how recovery coaching works at Bulimia Help - ask away!

No topic is off limits...

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My 6 biggest lessons from 2 years of bulimia coaching

Two hands holding supporting each other during bulimia recovery.

Two years of being a bulimia coach, helping others through recovery and four years of full recovery have taught me a lot about what it really takes to overcome bulimia.

Today I’m going to share some of the biggest lessons I’ve learned during this time.

I hope that my personal insight and understanding of recovery will help you to feel motivated and inspired as you continue on your journey.

Perhaps I can even help you to see certain aspects of recovery a little differently too? 

Okay, the first lesson may be a bit of a shocker, but here we go…

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Recommended reading for bulimia recovery

What’s the best eating disorder recovery book you’ve ever read? Being a bit of a bookworm I’ve managed to work my way through mountains of recovery-type books over the years and I’d love to share just a few of my favourites with you today.

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5 Tips for staying sane in recovery

I don’t believe anyone who has an eating disorder is “crazy” or “insane” – what horrible disempowering words they are! However, I do know that a lot of the time, recovery can certainly make you feel that way. So check out these 5 top tips for staying sane in recovery...

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Bulimia Support: Why you need it & where to find it

In this article we discuss the importance of support during recovery and more importantly - where to find it!

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Bulimia tips for recovery

While I was recovering from bulimia I was always on the look out for any bulimia tips and tricks I could get my hands on in order to make my recovery a little easier. Now that I’ve been fully recovered for over 2 years I thought it would be a great idea to share some of my favourite bulimia tips with you all!

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Bulimia relapses and how to deal with them.

The title says it all really - this article explores why you experience relapses in recovery and more importantly looks at how you can learn to deal with them.

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Do you have bulimia scales obsession?

Does the thought of ditching your weighing scale send your anxiety levels through the roof? This article explores some excellent strategies that will help you to reduce the amount of times you check your weight.

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