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10 Thoughts That Held Me Back From Recovery.

For someone with bulimia, what does it mean to be ‘in recovery?’ Why does it seem like for every step forward, we take another one back? In the midst of a confusing, frustrating and scary recovery, it is difficult to remove yourself from the situation and look at things objectively.

However, after recovery I am able to easily recognize my own thoughts that held me back. Maybe by sharing those obstacles, you can overcome them more quickly than I did. 

My struggle with bulimia lasted 6 years, and my eating disorder history dates back even longer. It took me a full year to recover, which seemed like eternity thanks to some false beliefs and fears.

As you may know, I am now a recovery coach here at Bulimia Help. My recovery inspires me every day to continue sharing the message that a lifelong recovery is possible and within your reach. In order to accomplish this, you have to let go of those thoughts and false beliefs that are holding you back.

So here they are: the 10 thoughts that held me back during recovery.

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4 steps towards self-love in bulimia recovery

Is it ever really possible to love yourself, when you've battled with self-hate for such a long time? In this article I share the 4 key elements that lead to my own self-love discovery. 

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5 powerful steps to take the next time you’re “feeling fat”

In this article we look at the importance of uncovering the real emotions behind fat feelings and explore 5 powerful steps to take the next time they strike. 

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The power of positive affirmations in bulimia recovery

Learn how using positive affirmations can help you to transform and reprogram negative thought processes. 

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10 ways to boost endorphin levels during bulimia recovery

Take a look at the relationship between bulimia and endorphin release and discover 10 healthy ways to boost those natural feel-good chemicals during recovery.

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The reality of hitting "rock bottom"

In this weeks special recovery article I share my own experience of hitting "rock bottom" and explore how feeling like you have nothing left to lose can actually empower you to seek recovery.

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It's time to banish all or nothing thinking!

This article is all about the importance of breaking free from all or nothing thinking. If you ever find yourself saying words like "always", "failure", "hopeless" and "never" then this one is for you!

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Bulimia relapses and how to deal with them.

The title says it all really - this article explores why you experience relapses in recovery and more importantly looks at how you can learn to deal with them.

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