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36 years

Hello...I have struggled with bulimia for 36 years. I am suck of it. All the money I have wasted on food and diets is crazy. So far reading the book has been freeing. I just started it and pray it works. I consider today day 1 of recovery.

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Welcome! 36 years is a long

Welcome! 36 years is a long time, but you still have a whole life ahead of you to love.....Bulimia free! No better time to start than today. Do what you can today to make it a good day, and know that you've so many people here that are eating their snacks and meals alongside you. You are not doing this alone. We have so much to look forward to, and everything is going to start looking brighter as the days tick by. You are in the right place! This is it! Will it be hard? For sure! Will you want to cry sometimes? For sure! But every things that takes guts and effort, is the most rewarding. You are reclaiming your life. Glad to see you on here. Welcome to your life.

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Welcome! I have had bulimia

Welcome! I have had bulimia for seventeen years, and I am delighted to be here! Yay for us, brave courageous women! xx

There is nothing that we cannot be or do or have :)

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