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Hey, Theres a condition

Theres a condition called poly cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). You may have heard of it? It's linked to bulimia cases and can cause your periods to be irregular or completely stop. It does sometimes cause infertility but that isn't always the case.

Other symptons include excess hair growth, acne and loss of hair on the head. It's quite a common problem, usually a regular doctor will ask about your symptons and if they consider it may be a problem they will send you to a specialist for an ovary scan.

(I have the condition and it was ignored for a long time because I didn't have all of the symptons so cases can really vary)

I hope this helps

Miss H
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you could be anaemic as a

you could be anaemic as a result of the purging. anaemia is often a medical effect of any chronic problem. in which case if you have got low iron levels (which is possible even if you take a multivitamin) then you won't have periods
also not everything has a specific medical answer. the reality is that if you put your body under any stress then it will start acting funny and not doing the normal things that it should. so it could be due to the long term stress that you're putting your body under.
you say you're not malnourished. and your weight seems okay. but everyone has their own weight at which their periods go or come back. there are supermodels out there who have periods who are thinner than me, even when i was at my thinnest and not menstruating. but i guess they were eating properly and not purging.
not sure if this helps...

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