Adhd leads to Bulimia?

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Adhd leads to Bulimia?

I found these stimulants only effective for short term. The unfortunate part is these drugs also unleashed my monster within.

What do you guys think?

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I personally have ADHD but i

I personally have ADHD but i dont exactly think that it leads to it. However if u are taking medication for it like adderall, then i strongly believe that it contributes to bulimia. Adderall makes u stay focused, staying focused on the right thing is the problem. I was soo incrediablly obsessed with food because my mind was wrapped around it. So i would stop taking it if u do, and try to find something else.

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I was diagnosed with ADHD

I was diagnosed with ADHD about 5 years ago. I started taking Dexidrine for it and this definitely made my bulimia worse in the long run. When i was on the pills, i was focused on school work and not food,i wan't hungry, and my heart was racing (they are stimulants). I was taking them during the day, but when the pills wore off at night, my body was so hungry that i would often binge...i didn't feel guilty binging and didn't purge because i knew i would pop a pill the next morning and spend the whole day eating few calories. I lost weight on this starvation-binge routine. However this didn't last long. My appetite when off the pills was out of control. And because i knew that i would probably binge again the next night, I started purging. So I started taking more pills to control my appetite. This made things worse (like many psychotropic drugs do). I started getting weird side affects like paranoia, depression, lethargy, sleep problems, mood swings, etc. I've experimented with street drugs and Dexidrine had the same affect on me that crystal meth did. I had also used stimulant street drugs to try to control my appetite.

In conclusion, i think for someone with bulimia, ADHD medications function the same as diet pills would and i highly recommend against using them.

And Parents, please never let your children take these medications...the negative side affects are very serious and can last the rest of their lives.

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