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Hello there, I guess I’ll start off by telling everyone a little bit about myself. I’m a lesbian, Merit role student with a promising future, and a closed off family.Oh yeah I forgot why I’m here, I am also bulimic. It started in ‘07 and has been raging on and on for the past two years of my life. I told my famiy, friends, and girlfriend and it tears them up almost as much as it does me. I want to stop but, like anyone else recovering from addiction, I cannot. I wake up every morning, with little sleep, and start my school day off telling myself that I will not purge today, i have high hopes until lunch time when my friends convince me that I need to eat again, they give me breads, meats, and fruits, I know that they’re trying to help but I can’t hold it down and end up purging in the school bathroom, I hate it. I hate myself, I am weak and powerless to this horrible habit. My friends and family do not understand and when I get home to the usual questions and tell them that I purged they give me that disappointed look and tell me that tomorrow is a new day. I get on the computer and text my girlfriend and somehow find myself in the kitchen at times of boredom, binge and purge. I think I need professional help, but I just got out of Juvinile for reasons that I’m not willing to explain and I don’t want to leave my loving family again. My counciling session is in two weeks, but I don’t think I can make it without being absolutely depressed. I’ve been to meetings (ANAD, ect) but I cannot go everyday as I would like to (more like twice a week). I need adive, maybe people who don’t personally know me can? So I typed in help for bulimics on google and found this. Any questions feel free to ask, I just want opinions. Thanks






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