Advice on early recovery

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Advice on early recovery

I have suffered with bulimia since the age of 13 I'm now 27 this is my first real big recognition at dealing with it in recovery.I'm struggling with IE. I seem to have really cut down on purging (amazing!) and when I have binged its certainly not as severe I have managed to stop myself from an allday day binge and purge a few times recently. This is amazing again!!! I understand the importance of regaining balance with my body, though I don't know when to stop eating I seem to binge on every meal. The speed of eating is an issue. I really want a life outside of food I'm finding this so hard as I have put on a bit of weight and its really affected myself esteem. My body feels so uncomfortable and foreign to me . Any advice, as I'm so obsessed with losing weight I feel I'm going crazy, its so painful at times emotionally and obviously suffering physical effects

lots of love


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Hello Babe! How are you

Hello Babe!
How are you feeling? I can totally relate to what you are experiencing. Im 27 too, and had this chronic diease for 12 yrs too. Its a long & tiring journey to get if off your mind.
Mind must be strong. Need strong support.
Would love to chat with you

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Hey thank you..... would love

Hey thank you..... would love to chat I need to get on here more often as i gain strength from here for sure. Hows you im not too bad less purging but bingeing is frustrating as seems to be expanding. I know if i slow down and appreciate my food my body willcomebk into balance. heres my email Im posistive we can get through this all together



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