Advice on intuitive eating!

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Advice on intuitive eating!

Hi everyone!

I'm approaching my 6 month anniversary of recovery, no purges for 6 months and only a couple little pig outs (no proper binges).

I'm feeling like maybe it might be time to start intuitive eating, but I'm feeling very nervous about it, and worried that if I break away from structured eating, that I might stuff it all up!

I think I am ready to move away from structured eating, especially because lately when it comes time for my snacks and stuff at the 3 hour mark, I often still feel full from my last meal, or I can just feel that I'm not hungry yet!

Regardless, I'm still nervous! Any advice on the transition to intuitive eating from structured eating would be great, or even just a general discussion on intuitive eating!

Much love, hope everyone is having a great day in recovery!







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