After the binge: what can you do to recover your body?

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After the binge: what can you do to recover your body?


I was wondering what you guys did when the binges DO happen, to try and make yourself/body feel a bit better after?

I get very dizzy, have a headache and feel drained after purging.
I tend to take dyrolyte (rehydration drink), and also drink some caffeine, even though I guess that's not the best thing to do! If I can manage, I eat half a banana also.
The day after a binge and purge, my legs ache sooo much. I think this is dehydration also..

What do you guys do to feel a bit better?

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wish I knew

I thought I was the only one that felt this terrible after a binge. I find that the worse I feel after, the harder it is to get out of the slump of using behaviors. I really do not know how to improve this, in addition to what you already listed, my face feels numb and puffy, and my whole body is sore after. I guess the only solution is to stop b/ping, which would be ideal but it is just so so hard.

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Giving up would be the ideal

Giving up would be the ideal indeed!!
Oh the hate that. And that sensitive teeth. And the walking around like a zombie for the day after.
I think you're right...lets give up!
I'm starting now!
how I wish things could be so simple!

One day at a time....
hope you're week goes well!!

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Its so tough to give up! i

Its so tough to give up! i wish i could too, i have good days and bad days and the effects on your body are awful,
* definatly bananas are great because they replace some of the potassium lost through purging...(which keeps your heart beating as potassium effects electrolyte levels) i always go for a banana.....
* i drink water...a hot juice always makes me feel better.
* a cup of tea a few hours later is always good.
* i also sit with a nice cool flannel on my poor puffy face

but realy there is not a great deal we can do:( just aim to b/p as little as possible...i had a week once where i only b/p 3 times the whole week and they didn't make me feel so the less frequent the better...

lots of love and support....its the toughest thing ever!:(

All we are, is everything that's right!

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sames here

I want to give up too... i dont know why it tricks me into thinking i must do this in order to be ok... but to answer your question i usually drink gatorade to help with the dehydration, it works pretty well. I also brush my teeth right away to prevent as much horrible tooth decay :(

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YOu should avoid brushing

YOu should avoid brushing your teeth right after purging. With all that acid you can actally damage them and really cause damage to the enamel. Rinse your mouth to help neutralise and use enamel repair or high flouride toothpaste to swish about if you want but don't brush straigh away. Bulimia teeth damage

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i know it sounds gross but i

i know it sounds gross but i think you are actualy not supposed to brush your teeth right away. it spreads the stomach acid around and makes decay worse! that's fellow bulimics advice, not dentists or anything. usually i brush my teeth anyway because i find it too gross otherwise, but i think if you can just rinse with mouthwash this is best.

"To maintain hunger where food is available, as Western women are doing, is to submit to a life state as unnatural as anything with which the species has come up yet. It is more bizarre than cannibalism." -Naomi Wolf in The Beauty Myth

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i drink a ton of water and

i drink a ton of water and brush my teeth. also washing my face seems to make me feel refreshed too.

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dont brush your teeth for

dont brush your teeth for atleast half and hour! it causes more acid erosion and damages your teeth more! swirl bicarbonate of soda instead to neutralise the acid. when i have a horrible incident at my worst i feel dizzy and at times have blacked out of a few seconds. this is due to low potassium. drink fluids, possibly a small glass of milk. if you can have a high potassium drink about 20mins later..mayb make a banana smoothie, but dont drink too much because it will make you sick again. then try to lie down and relax... the best thing you can do is try to take a short take a nap?

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Thanks all for the advice; I

Thanks all for the advice; I usually try to eat half a banana, but sometimes just can't face it!
And please all listen to chinadoll!
Don't brush your teeth: baking soda or mouth wash.

Hope everyone has a strong, positive, happy week.

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bicarbonate soda is ideal. rinse your mouth with that. ia lso used to make myself a cup of chamomile tea with some honey.. alhough to be honest i would just lie on my bed rocking back and forth crying for hours. school the next day was never ever fun.

stay strong

wanna see whats shakin in the real world

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The day after is always the

The day after is always the worst... I always put an ice pack on my face to try and minimize the swelling, take a mineral salt bath and drink lot's of water. I like to take those vitamin packets with my water too, like Emergen C.

Good tips on taking care of teeth - thank you! I used to chew an antacid, until once the fruit flavored ones triggered another binge... how embarrasing to admit that!

Suitepee: my legs ache the day after a b/p too! For me I think it's the muscles being overstretched after leaning over to throw up... there are so many terrible after-effects, it's crazy to think what we do to ourselves! I find the psychological battle is still the most painful - the guilt, and low self-esteem that comes from this. It's helps to know that there are people out there who understand!

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I rinse my face off, go in

I rinse my face off, go in the kitchen and get a drink, then just watch tv and relax...Always been my routine.

*~Life is an eternity of gorgeous moments~*

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I brush teeth (even though I

I brush teeth (even though I shouldn't maybe) mouthwash, eat a few tums, sometimes shower, generally the day after is the worst. cheeks feel huge.

dee, horsebackgirl

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ice packs

I actually use ice packs on my face immediately after and it calms me down - I also notice that it helps with the puffiness factor. Sometimes I use face masks afterwards too...and take Motrin...FYI, I'm NOT advocating the behavior with these strategies...

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teeth brushing

i got told to drink some milk or eat a block of cheese and that helps neutralise the acid causing less erosion, but i cant seem to do either of these things because it just causes another b/p aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

H.O.P.E. - Hold On Pain Ends.

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I know how that feels. After

I know how that feels. After a b/p episode and I feel beyond dizzy, I will try to eat a piece of banana or something little to get some nutrients, but it starts another binge

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teeth brushing

The best way to neutralize the acid in your mouth is to rinse it with the mixture of a baking soda and water (1tsp of a baking soda and a cup of water). Soda is a base, which neutralizes the acid.

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love that quote

love that quote

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body aches and replenishment..

if your legs ache after a night of b/p'ing, it is a sign that your body is very dehydrated. you should always, always, always drink lots of water. not only will it keep you hydrated, but the more water you drink, the less youll, less bloating. and that's always good.

also, potassium levels could be dangerously low, as several people have mentioned. it's a good idea to have some sort of electrolyte beverage on hand like pedialyte. or even gatorade. do the baking soda thing after drinking sports drinks though because they, too, can damage your tooth enamel.

low sodium V8 is low in sugar calories..but it packs as much as 820mg of potassium (whereas a banana only has about 300mg). coconut water is also low in calories and high in potassium..i've found that drinking these helps me not feel as weak afterward.

im not in any way condoning purging, but if you do slip up, getting your body back in balance should be your first priority.

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sometimes i get very dizzy after i bp. sick as it is this is part of the appeal. part of me likes feeling like crap.

i usually bp at night and the next morning i have what i call a bulimic hangover. i just want to sleep late, then have a headache and feel weak all day.

i've heard pedialyte products (drinks and even freezies, often found in drugstores) can help restore your electrolyte balance although i've never tried it. like i said i like to suffer. trying to change that.

"To maintain hunger where food is available, as Western women are doing, is to submit to a life state as unnatural as anything with which the species has come up yet. It is more bizarre than cannibalism." -Naomi Wolf in The Beauty Myth

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I call it a "bulimic

I call it a "bulimic hangover" as well - I am also a night bp'er
I have to draaag myself out of bed after hitting snooze like 10 times. Then to feel better - caffeine is an absolute must, followed by electrolyte enhanced water

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I get dizzy too after a binge/purge. It put lots of pressure on my body. I can either become crazy and obsessive and just work out for hours, or try to puke the whole evening. I don't even eat any more and I just take water/caffeine. I become concerned about my weight, freak out and tell everyone to f*** off. Honestly, my emotions get the best of me everytime I'm at home. It's very unhealthy, I do know. My body is showing signs of tiredness. I can't stay still.

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i hear ya!

i've read a few times that you should definately not brush your teeth straight afterwards, it just makes the acid worse. i drink a rehydration sachet straight away and then sip some peppermint tea which is supposed to settle bloated stomachs. i always try and eat at least one banana every day as i know b/p makes potassium levels low. i suffer with constant back pain which i know is totally self inflicted but it still doesnt seem to make me stop. crazy!!

we are all unique and all deserve to love and be loved

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my back hurts too.

my back hurts too.

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drink a cup of milk will

drink a cup of milk will really help the stomach feeling a lot better.

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i usually have a soar throat,

i usually have a soar throat, and i have heartburns. i try to drink some milk or water..anyway i really want to give it up, but i dont know how to break the cyrcle.

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I drink a few glasses of

I drink a few glasses of water, eat a banana or some plain yogurt if I'm sure it won't trigger another binge (and if any food is left in the kitchen haha) and start chewig a sugarfree gum.

"If you want it... so you should."

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heart problems

was wondering if any of you seem to feel your heart flutter or get chest pains at any time. i had a heart operation when i was a baby and heard the electrolyte imblanace can cause bad effects on your heart. i am giving it a real go at stopping but was looking to see if anyone else seemed to get wee twinges or offbeats. its horrible

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i read somewhere that bulimia

i read somewhere that bulimia can give people an arithmia...but if you stop they will usually go away. i have been having issues with my chest, feelings of tightnes when i run or a swift ping sometimes.

-we can.. today, tomorrow, for as long as i want-

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indeed i've got arithmia...

it happens when you use too many laxatives...

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