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aim: good idea!

hey everyone i had a good idea! since this site does not have chat ability (yet) does anyone want to aim?! thought maybe if whoevver wants to share their aim wants to join in the buddy system!

for starters.. mine is dinak27

join in!

dee, horsebackgirl

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I think chat would be an

I think chat would be an amazing idea. I wrote to Ali and suggested it so maybe (hopeflly) they will work on it. It would be great to have instant support! I prefer though to chat on this site (like a facebook chat)as opposed to giving my im. I like to maintain my privacy:)

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that is such a good idea... I

that is such a good idea... I hate feeling like a burden to those that don't understand. You guys can aim me whenever you want. Nikkoli84!

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Live chat


Yeah I think live chat would be a great idea for the site, however as for just now our site coding does not allow for this. I have taking the idea into consideration and hopefully we can add on this application in the near future!

Ali :)

Ali Kerr
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great idea .. hopefully it

great idea .. hopefully it will be an option on the site sooner than later, otherwise my aim is - sweetee6 - take care!

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Hey guys...what a great

Hey guys...what a great idea!! My sn is me anytime. Have a great weekend! -jen

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cool ! this is helpful for

cool ! this is helpful for people looking for support buddies, etc

dee, horsebackgirl

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mine is presidentkeli (AIM)

mine is presidentkeli (AIM)

I'm excited!!

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sorry to be stupid- but what is AIM?

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AOL Instant Messenger. Feel

AOL Instant Messenger.

Feel free to IM me too: YeahItsSagan

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