Alcohol and Bulimia

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Alcohol and Bulimia

Yesterday I went to a party, and although I did not Binge or Purge on Food, I did binge on alcohol. In the past I would drink and think I was not really drinking as I purged. Today although I have not binged , I have not stuck to SE and instead grazed the whole day. I realise that alcohol is part of my bulimic mindset and drinking leads to bingeing and pruging. I try to have one glass, but after 1 I just go and have another. So now I think I might have an alcohol problem too. Does anyone know if bulimia and alcoholism is linked.

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Yes! Alcohol is a very common

Yes! Alcohol is a very common problem in a high percentage of Bulimic cases. Personally I like to drink (only at weekends though) because I feel it helps me to stop binging on food so by drinking I'm keeping my mouth occupied kinda thing. The downfall is if I drink too much then end up having a drunken binge /purge session. Its a catch 22 situation. There is also (not me personally) a problem with over eating the next day as you suffer a hangover and crave foods and junk so satisfy the hangover.
If you sense a problem then try to abstain from alcohol. Especially in the early days of recovery. I learn to when I feel a bit drunk to have a cup of tea then head to bed. I'm not successful every time but I try not to over drink past the point of not being in control and I don't have a problem being the first to leave a party or having an early night.
If you choose to carry on drinking you just need to have a plan of action for when the urge to binge hits!

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Really appreciate your

Really appreciate your insight, kindness and warmth

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I have heard that people use

I have heard that people use drugs and alcohol to mask the disordered eating. I have used alcohol for an escape for years… which always leads to binging during the hangover.
I have also tampered with methamphetamine… I hear this is becoming more and more popular for women who want to slim down and not think about food… it totally got rid of any food thoughts for me! I loved that fact! But then it became a problem when the occasional use became more frequent. It was ruining my body more and it lead me to do stupid things. Not to mention the crowd I was hanging around during use of the drug.
I DO NOT RECOMMEND using drugs or alcohol to mask your bulimia. It may seem like it works for a little while but the root of the problem is always there. One addiction in place of another addiction does not fix anything.

Ive stopped drinking and doing any sort of recreational drugs, my mind is coming back to planet earth, but the road to recovery for bulimia is ahead of me. Ive stacked on the Kgs but i don't care. Im on a mission.
Ive only just gotten back onto this website today and i hope this is the 3rd time lucky approach!

So Id say yes, alcoholism and bulimia is definitely linked from my experience.

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Just read ur post and i just

Just read ur post and i just couldn't help it but to comment bout this issue. I tampered with meth while trying to control the binging n purging. I could totally relate to what u are saying. It's a matter of addiction and distraction.

Most of them they are trying to use certain methods to mask up and control certain things. Infuriating.

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