Alcohol and Hangovers

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Alcohol and Hangovers

I think Ive written about this subject 3 or 4 times now. I dont want anyone to think I have an alcohol problem as I definatly dont and rarely drink. Sometimes I enjoy having some wine with my friends but it is always such a danger zone! Being hungover is litrally the hardest thing for me as I seem to want to eat all day and if im not carefull it could easily turn into a binge. Iknow Some of you find that you binge after you have had a few drinks but before bed but its different for everyone I guess and for me the next day is the problem.
I know people will say, well just dont drink, but does this have to be the rule forever? Even just a glass of wine or 2 would make my appertite huge the next day. I have managed not to binge in a while but im still finding it very hard to enjoy a glass of wine at a social occasion without nearly going overboard with food the next day.
Should I refrain from drinking alcohol for life? or maybe another 3 months or should I be constantly practicing not giving in to that binge urge and see how it goes, does any one else have any tips on what has helped them?


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Alcohol is a big problem in a

Alcohol is a big problem in a lot of Bulimic cases. It is a statistic that a lot of Bulimics take to drinking as a means to stop them eating/binging/purging. You have mentioned both problems of this though. Binge urges while alcohol is in the system. And binge urges the day after. I fall into the first category although I know your struggles with the next day. I think it is just another challenge on this recovery journey. If you enjoy a social drink that's fine. That's life. Don't let Bulimia dictate wether or not you can enjoy a drink or two. You like a social drink so my opinion is no don't give up enjoying a 'normal' healthy attitude to alcohol. Your not an alcoholic. Your a recovering Bulimic so if its the binges putting you off drinking then keep on kicking Bulimia in the ass and if you want a drink you have a drink! You knowI your weak point so have plenty of things you enjoy and can snack on the next day. Have a nice healthy but hearty breakfast, plenty protein to keep you full, make sure you have plenty carbs too the day after. And no restricting! Drink loads of herbal teas. Practice being normal!! Beacause if I do what my friends do the day afer a drink that would mean sitting in my pj's all day, eat crap, watch films, order takeout, don't give a care in the world. Then get back on the health wagon on Monday! You can do this, and you wil do this!


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