already obese and worried about weight gain in recovery please help! !

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already obese and worried about weight gain in recovery please help! !

Hi there just new to this site and im very worried that as im already classed as obese im really worried that im going to gain stacks more weight and I really need to lose some to be healthy but oviously I need to concentrate on getting better first. I would really appreciate someone replying who is basically been in the same boat as me to tell me there story or any advice would be fab thankyou so much


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You could make an appointment

You could make an appointment to see a diatiosion and explain everything to her. Im sure you would get some good help with meal plans:)


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The thing about recovery is

The thing about recovery is that if you follow SE then you will gain if our body needs to and you will lose if your body needs to.
Experience wise most bulimics are of normal or overweight.
So start with a SE plan...initially you may gain but it will be water retention, bloatedness etc . overall its about balance. Your saying your obese so technically follow a healthy eating plan and you should settle into a normal weight range.
Lose the scales is another tip early on. I went from all day every day, to few times a week, to once a new goal is once a month. Eventually my plan is to never need the scale to judge my self worth.

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I also struggle with

I also struggle with that!

But I read in a book, and also here, that it's a toss up between continuing to be bulimic (and for me that often means an barely controlled upward spiral) or going to structured eating, and accepting maybe I'll be a bit heavier than I'd like but at least that upward spiral can stop and I can get my life back and stop risking my health. Is another x amount of weight really that much worse than constantly worrying about food and weight and health, and constantly wasting money on food and medical expenses?

Good luck!!!

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I understand -- I too am

I understand -- I too am obese. But I've noticed that when I stick with the structured eating, I lose weight ... when I get it in my head that I need to lose weight FAST, then I end up binging and gaining. So I think the advice in the ebook is good when they say don't weigh yourself and don't focus on the weight. Just concentrate on following the plan and let your body get to its natural weight. It's hard, though, I know ... hang in there!

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I am in the same boat.

I am in the same boat. However it is true - the only thing making you gain weight is the binging. When I eat with SE for as long as possible my weight decreases. This is not dieting, because any thoughts of dieting seem to make me go crazy and I end up binging. My brain cant take it anymore.

We must be patient....which is easier said than done.


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