Am I going to be okay?

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Am I going to be okay?

It's easy to forget that I have a problem sometimes. Sometimes I feel so happy, but the crushing sadness and meaninglessness I feel without food isn't normal. I didn't used to be this way. And I don't want to be unhealthy, I want a future and I want my family to be proud of me again. I can do this. Eat every three hours. Dont calorie restrict. And be kind to yourself, seek support and believe.
You aren't going to forget and try and ignore it, are you? Of course not, you're you, and you can do this.

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I'm glad you're here! It's

I'm glad you're here! It's such a positive step and I feel so glad to be back. After I initially joined last April I let life get in the way from committing to this and so I am only really starting now too. We will do it as many others here have before us :-) xxxxxx

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Hi emsy, You don't have to be

Hi emsy,

You don't have to be without food on this program. In fact, you have to eat more often than you ever have, no doubt, but in normal amounts. Normal feels so good after the wild roller coaster of bulimia. If you follow the structured eating plan for a few days, you will start feeling better very quickly. Eating more doesn't sound like a cure for bingeing and purging, but it is.

Everybody has some sort of discomfort with it, but nothing to compare with the nightmarish slavery to bulimia.

Try it. It works. You are in the right place.


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