Am I the oldest living bulimic?

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granny goat
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Am I the oldest living bulimic?

I just downloaded the book a few days ago and haven't finished reading it, but I immediately started the structured eating. I feel better already.

I am 72 years old and have been bulimic since I was in my 20's. It started when I was pregnant with my first child and had severe nausea and heartburn. My husband suffered from ulcers and often had an upset stomach. He suggested I do what he did when he felt sick at his stomach--make myself vomit. I had never done that before.

After that baby was born, I began gaining weight, and I started using the vomiting to "undo" my overeating. I continued to gain weight, tried every diet, including diet pills. My weight problem kept getting worse and worse, and I was often severely bulimic but had short periods where I was eating "healthy" with a lot of restricting.

Everything I have read so far in this program makes absolute sense to me. It feels like the structured eating alone could help me stop binging, hence stop purging. I have no problem at all with doing the structured eating. In fact, I really enjoy eating that way. I also used the thought diffusion once when I was in the candy aisle of a store and had a binge urge. It worked!

I really believe this program will work if I apply it fully and stick with it.

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Hello and WELCOME to this

Hello and WELCOME to this Community (in the real meaning of it) of special human beings. Thank you for sharing your story, I just wanted to welcome you on here and to wish you WELL with your journey to Freedom. You have so much experience with you, you know this disorder, and all the tools that are offered here are really a BLESSING. They do work. Again, welcome, I started my recovery journey 1 year and 10 months ago (yeah.. I am on the scenic route..), the most difficult and REWARDING thing I have ever done in my life. Once we do this, we can do anything!!! The experience is with you, and honestly age is the last thing that matters here: we are all on the same boat - lives consumed by this disorder and feeling the powerful NEED of something better for ourselves.
You are in the right place, you made an incredible decision to be on here, and it's all yours.

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Wow, thank you so much for

Wow, thank you so much for sharing this.

Little Miss Grumpy
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Hello and welcome!! I like

Hello and welcome!! I like your user name too by the way "goat lady"! Do you or did you have goats by any chance? Your story highlights that we have all been on different life journeys but somehow eventually end up here. One thing is for sure we are all driven by the same desire - to be free from bulimia or other ED issues!! That is the great thing about this program it actually does make sense. Allowing ourselves to eat, not just eat but eat anything we want and on a regular basis leads to a reduction in binge urges. Thus solving at least part of the equation.
Thinking of you and sending you courage - x

granny goat
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Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your welcoming comments. I am still doing well with the structured eating and feeling very hopeful that I may finally conquer this longtime problem. Since I, as most bulimics, have kept my problem secret from family and friends, it is good to have a place to anonymously talk about it (besides prayer).

I hope I can be of encouragement to someone else. Seeing me still struggling at this age could be discouraging to some of you younger ones, but there is a reason I am still struggling. I have spent my whole life putting myself last and caring for, first, my immediate young family, and then my dying father, and then my widowed mother with Alzheimer's and my son with bipolar disorder. I never took the time to stick to a program and take care of my own health. If I could encourage one thing to you younger ones, I would encourage you to make yourself a high priority and get rid of this horrible condition so you can live your life fully (including taking care of others).

For AnnaBee, no, I have never had goats. I just saw a picture of an old lady with a goat, and it appealed to me (to my sense of humor), so I adopted it as a screen name.

Check out these pictures:

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First of all,I love your

First of all,I love your sense of humor! Laughter really is the best medicine. Laughing everyday and being able to laugh at yourself makes everything lighten up!

Thank you so much for sharing your story. You are incredible! I hope you realize how valuable you are. <3

I am truly sorry that any of us have suffered, and to know that you have suffered for so long is heart breaking. I am so glad you found this program though. Recovery is possible! we can all make the rest of our lives the best of our lives. it is never too late for any of us to change.

You are so right, if we don't put ourselves first we end up losing pieces of our selves and slowly dying on the inside. I know I am much younger, but I have spend my whole life giving myself to people and putting their needs above my own. It wasn't until recently I realized i wasn't going to survive if I didn't take care of myself.

granny goat
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Thank you, Always Hope. I

Thank you, Always Hope. I agree. We should never stop trying. I figure if I get this problem solved once and for all and keep fit with exercise, I can live 20 more years. You are a sweetheart. I'll be rooting for you too

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Dearest GG, I am 62 years old

Dearest GG,

I am 62 years old and was sure I was the oldest person on this site!!! I too became a bulemic in my 20`s and it has been and on again off again struggle since then. I had many years of a solid recovery and then when I was 57 my oldest son died and I went right into menopause abruptly. I started working with a Coach Jen a couple of months ago and found that helpful. Everything about this program makes sense and I started the program 40 days binge free and then relapsed. I am starting anew and can verfiy that structured eating works when I do it.

I am looking for a buddy in the program and so if you would like to network with me, the runner up for the oldest bulemic please feel free to reach out. I wish you much success and want you to know it is NEVER too late. Thanks for being so brave and sharing your story.


granny goat
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Hi Ellen, You bet I would

Hi Ellen,

You bet I would like to team up with you. You have some experience with this under your belt. Maybe you can keep me from falling off the wagon, and I'll try to do the same for you, even though I am the younger "recovery-wise" I LOVE this program, and even though it has only been ten days or so, it is working perfectly for me so far. Eating what you really want to eat every three hours? This is heaven on earth.

I already feel so much calmer and confident. Bulimia made me feel like I was living a lie, even though it never came up, and I never lied to anyone about it. But sitting and eating sparingly with others, knowing I would gorge myself with food later out of their sight, felt so dishonest. That feeling is gone already. I am determined to stick with this and see how much better it gets.

Tomorrow is a busy day for me (cleaning all day), but I should be back on again tomorrow night. I look forward to working with you.


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And I thought I was going to

And I thought I was going to be the oldest one here at 46 y/o. You know, Ellen and Granny Goat, we are so fortunate to have not already perished from this disease, and I hope we ALL will be able to prove that recovery, and the new found happiness, free from bulimia, is possible at ANY age:)

No pot of gold exists beneath my bathroom scale!

simply me
simply me's picture I ever relieved that I ever relieved that I'm not alone here ...I'd been thinking that I was the oldest & longest living bulimic (having been at it for 28 years so far -Am 43 yrs old & had started binging & purging at about age 15 after 6 months of attempting anorexic-style restricting) ...I've just spent almost the past year in silence & seemingly at my worst bulimia-relapse-wise.

I'm REALLY glad I logged back in here today :)

...all intended with hugs from simply me :-)

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I signed up for this 3 years

I signed up for this 3 years ago and haven't participated at all because I thought I was going to be the oldest (48) and at it the longest - since I was 14 with about 2 years b/p free in my 30's (the obsessive thinking and paranoia around food never went away, though - it was always a source of terrible anxiety). The thing is that I have no clue who/what I am without it - even though it is the bane of my existence... pretty pathetic, I know.... I think I feel a bit more hope that maybe I can find out or maybe even get better - I did recently hear of a woman locally here that was 72 and recovered, as well.... maybe it's never too late.

“We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.”
Jim Rohn

Lucky Lady
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Wow! I'm 57 and this is my

Wow! I'm 57 and this is my first post! On the surface, I am a sensible self assured and assertive woman, giving good advice and caring for a multitude of family and friends. In secret, I have suffered from Bulimia for almost 40 years! Whilst I am saddened that some of you, like myself, have suffered for so many years, your posts give me hope that I am not a freak, and that I can at last start this programme knowing that it might not be too late after all.

Since my grandchildren arrived, I realise that I want to live a full and long life, I am a survivor and an optimist, just didn't know how to begin to conquer this illness which has ruled my life for so very long. I told myself that I would just have to learn to live with it as I have done for such a long time, but it is so lonely! What a relief to know that women like me are out there, and maybe we can support each other. I feel much more confident knowing you exist, but I am a total beginner! Discovering the programme has been a major step forward for me and now I just need to invest time and courage to get started.

Hence my Name, Tonight I feel like a Lucky Lady. Thank you!

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I feel as if I could repeat,

I feel as if I could repeat, almost word-for-word, what 'Lucky Lady' has said - and I totally identify with 'Granny Goat' too. I'm 67 and have been bulimic since my mid-30s, when I tried dieting stringently to get rid of the weight from my 2nd pregnancy. that's when the bingeing and purging started.
Also - despite years of therapy, going to dieticians, etc. - I have found such logic in the book, have had such an epiphany about the terrible cycle of B & P, and feel so optimistic about structured eating.
It sounds as if I'm in good company, with many like-minded women 'of a certain age' - I wish us all good luck in overcoming this monster which has been lurking inside of us, by eating sensibly, including all of the food groups in our meals, and sharing the debilitating secrecy of our problem. I've been able to share the 'bingeing' part with a number of close friends, but only one so far knows about the purging. I'm working towards the day when I can tell people "that's who I used to be".
Good luck, best wishes,

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Hi folks, just been sitting

Hi folks, just been sitting here for hours reading your posts. You all sound like incredible people! I'm also new to this programme and on day 6 of no bp. Miraculous!! I find all of your words encouraging and inspiring so thanks. I'm hoping that they will be enough to get me through the weekend, which is always my toughest! I thought I would be stuck with this noose around my neck forever.....20 years of living with an ed.......I was convinced I never be free of it! Now I live in hope. Thanks again Emma

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