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I find myself avoiding people in general, desiring to walk around like a ghost. I hate being acknowledged. When someone sits next to me on the bus, I cringe inside and inch away. I always maintain a personal 'bubble'. I hate compliments, and I fear everyone is suspicious/judging me. I usually feel like declining invitations to socialize, being too preoccupied with my weight and not feeling like faking emotions in front of people, but lately I have been forcing myself to go and this has been beneficial.
Does anyone else find themselves this way, especially after gaining weight?
I wasn't always so antisocial and depressed.

-- Laryssa

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Yes I do, I think it's

Yes I do, I think it's because I don't want to be judged for being what I'm not meant to look like. For not being as slim as I normally am. Recently though I keep telling myself 'so what?, let them think whatever they like'
This may just be progress. Take care, m x

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yes. this is totally me.

yes. this is totally me. for the past 6 months (before recovery) i pretty much have been blowing off friends/family. i have even been staying locked up in my apartment because i feel too embarrassed to go outside. in fact, i feel so awful about myself because i felt too awful to go to church this morning. i feel like people are constantly staring at me. i'm praying that this goes away in time....


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