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Does anybody have any useful tips on how to deal with anxiety? I get such big waves of it that take my breath away. Sometimes I don't even know what about. Sometimes its connected to a thought process, maybe something in my past im ashamed of 'what does everyone think about what I did?' or the fact I have Bulimia. Perhaps I need to take up some sort of meditation im not sure, I defiantly want to tune out those negative voices in my head. I know I should stop worrying and live in the present more, but its hard to rid myself of a physical feeling of dread in my chest.


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hey alex, anxiety such a

hey alex,
anxiety such a pesky emotion, its like an invisible mosquito just buzzing constantly in our ears with no idea where it's coming from. well firstly knowing your not struggling with it alone helps to ease the worry a bit. but what i've found that helps with my anxiety is to be busy and keep occupied with interesting hobbies or passions. weather that may be art, cutting out pictures from magazines, photography, jewellry making, watching movies, taking care of animals, nature walks, drawing, gardening, pottery, anything you feel is right that just keeps your brain occupied positively. and to be self aware of the times when you are most anxious and to feel the emotions that come along with it. what would you do right now if an elk walked into the room?......bam your brain is in a different head space when you think about that hey? try asking yourself that when your feeling wobbly. Also simply accept the fact that we are human beings, being alive means we've got things to simple drop into full engagement with what your doing and blossom.
hope i could help

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