Anxiety/Depression Meds

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Anxiety/Depression Meds

Hi friends,

I was wondering what the experiences are for those who may be on medication currently?

My mom, doctor, and coach are all encouraging me to go on anti-anxiety medicine. My current behaviors had gotten worse over the past few months again, and I am having a lot of anxiety. I have been on medication several years ago (5) but did not think medicine was good for me for several reasons and got off. I was wondering what are the experiences of those of you on meds or who have been on them before. Did they help ?

Thank you

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hello! I think I can help in

hello! I think I can help in this area. I have much experience with medication for anxiety and bulimia. Anti depressant helps control binge, and calming to control anxiety. Really result, but after a while your body gets used, if you do not alter any behaviors, all back again! I've been a while without taking, now resumed because relapse was bad, but I know I can not depend on them for healing. I hope my testemunial helped! Any questions, I'm here :-)


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Thank you for sharing

Thank you for sharing Katherine!

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Hi there. I've been on anti

Hi there. I've been on anti anxiety and anti depressant meds for a few years now. Even though I'm a nurse I didn't have much faith in them to work, but I have to say, looking back at my anxiety levels, I'm glad I stuck with them because they slow my thoughts down and keep me more level headed, less up and down emotionally.

Just be aware that they won't fix your issues regarding weight, food and everything, they'll just give your head a chance to think about things more clearly so you are more likely to make better, more rational decisions. Think of it like a walking stick- it'll aid you to do the walking, but won't fix the underlying cause if your problems.


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Thank you so much for

Thank you so much for sharing. I haven't decided what to do yet, but I appreciate the insight.

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Just wanted to share my

Just wanted to share my experience with antidepressant medicine. I have been on and off of them because every time I get little better, I tell myself that I can be off of it (that medication is not good for me). Then I get crazy binge urge that builds over time. My head filled with negative thoughts.

In the past, my primary physician prescribed me the meds and never really monitored.

Last week, I found myself just not functioning. I was moody for no reason or small things set me off and I am crying uncontrollably all day. So I searched for someone to help me who specialize in eating disorder. Fortunately now at Kaiser Permanente, they have a team of therapists, psychiatrists, dietitian, and physician who work together to treat eating disorder patients. I got my physical, now have weekly group counseling sessions, appointment with dietitian, and now I am on antidepressant medication.

They start me with very small dose. It has been 2 days. And my crazy binge urge is gone. I actually started to notice little small good things.

I worry about side effects of medication but I think B/P is more harmful to my well being. Hope this is helpful. Good luck.

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That is great to hear! Thank

That is great to hear! Thank you so much for sharing! i am so glad to hear that you found the help and support you needed and that medicine is helping you. I really appreciate you sharing <3 *hugs*

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Hi. I just wanted to provide

Hi. I just wanted to provide update.

On good side:
My binge urge has decreased significantly

On negative side:
I am more anxious, angry, sad, and depressed. I keep wondering if this is juts in my head. I am angry at myself for being lazy and weak. But something is seriously off. I feel horrible.

I am contacting my doctor for consultation now. Keep you updated. I am sure medication works differently for each person. I might just need adjustments.

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Hi, I've had a lot of success

I've had a lot of success with an antidepressant called Wellbutrin. It completely took away my binge urges for about a month, which gave me momentum to go for an additional 2 months. Eventually, however, the medicine lost its effectiveness and I relapsed so I went off of it. I know this would be against all doctor's orders, but I keep a bottle of Wellbutrin around and I know that if I have a really serious relapse and can't find any other way out, I can take 1 pill and give myself a day free of binging and purging. It can give me a new outlook and at least have one day of freedom and happiness. Best of luck.

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