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Any Athletes?

I am a long distance runner. Yup, right up there with models, dancers, and gymnasts as far as prevelant eating disorders goes. It is an obvious fact that the more dead weight I have, the slower I will run. It's not like it's about my body image or anything, it's much more concrete. Bulimia has hindered my training and is preventing me from actually losing weight healthfully. Can anyone relate to the frustration of HAVING to be thin for performance purposes as opposed to image purposes?

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I know exactly how you feel

I know exactly how you feel because I have been (and well, still enjoy) a long-distance runner. It is really frustrating to have extra weight in this case..I wish I could say more, but at least know someone relates.

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Going the distance

Im also a distance running, i've actually recently finshed my first 10 mile run. Im not on any team and I dont compete, I do it for myself. Im fighting with my eating problems too. The days I dont hold my food down I have no energy and when I try to run its pointless. The last two weeks ive been working really hard on my eating problem. If you dont eat you dont have energy if you eat and throw up you dont have energy. If you eat the right amount at the right times you body has planty of energy to burn. Dont diet just eat smaller meals. Drink a lot of water to before you eat. It helps fill you up quicker. When I was healthy and ate small amounts and started running I lost 20 pounds the healthy way with in months. With my eating problem I stayed the same and some times gain weight and im always tired. We have to be strong and start over. The first weeks are very hard. But youll feel better and see more results you are looking for.

I know I didn't help much but it's always good to be able to talk about your problems and get it out there If you need to talk to someone just hit me up anytime !

Coach Jen
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I used to be a personal trainer, so yes, I felt the pressure to be thin. I taught classes and acted as a role model to my clients. Little did they know that I wasn't the prime example of fitness I was supposed to be. Now that I work for a nonprofit building houses, the pressure isn't as great, but the habits are still there. I work with volunteers who are mostly older people though, and they can be very insensitive and blunt about my weight. If I lose, everyone notices and tells me how great I look, but if I gain, they make comments too. I'm also at a healthy weight, so its very obvious when my clothes get tighter. Then again, maybe everyone thinks its very obvious when they lose or gain...

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I can relate

I used to be a level 9 gymnast, cheerleader captain, and track runner/pole vaulter. I am now a personal trainer and fitness instructor. My job and income depends on me being thin and fit. If I become overweight, or even normal weight, my clients will not want to train with me. They know me as being thin with very low body fat (they call me sculpted sara). So I am very fearful of gaining weight, even to a healthy weight, because I could lose my clients and job.


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oh no Sara!

Sara, i don't think that is true at all! I think you need to stop thinking in that negative way. Personal trainers need to motivate their clients to be HEALTHY! An underweight PT lacks just as much motivation as an overweight PT. You certainly would not lose me as a client, you'd gain my respect xxx

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Me too

I'm a competative runner and also need to keep my body fat low in order to run. However. I recently put on weight in an effort to stop B/P and you know? I'm actually just as fast (Not that I was a super speed demon in the first place)! The tips on this sight are really important for atheletes as far as paying attention to our bodies when they are hungry and full. We can burn a lot of calories during training, but then on the down fall... you kind of get used to eating a lot, so when the training slows... so should our eating. AND if we just listen we will be all the better!

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so so difficult i do boxing

so so difficult i do boxing and would really need to lose quite a lot to be able to fight. but last time i dieted for a fight i was miserable had more and more overeating episodes and afterwards started comfort eating/was depressed so gained all the weight back on. now i feel huge +im slower being heavier and it sucks.


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I am a long distance runner,

I am a long distance runner, too. I know the pressures. What made my bulimia spiral into a vicious cycle was having my friend blow my knee out on a trampoline last winter. Long story short, I was finally able to get surgery in the fall, but among other things I became deeply depressed, worried about gaining weight and started emotionally eating justifying it with purging. I am here to talk.


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I am not a professional

I am not a professional athlete, but I do enjoy being very active & do spin class 3 times a week. I really struggle because intense exercise fuels a HUGE appetite, and I sometimes feel like I just can't get full. I'll binge & then think about how much exercise it would take to burn it off (impossible) so I puke it up out of guilt. Any tips an how to satiate a massive appetite without getting a massive body? I eat tons of veg etc. I just feel the urge to eat fat, filling foods. Around & around I go.... Seems silly doesn't it?

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Abbigail make sure you have

Abbigail make sure you have something small and high gi before spin to give you a spike in energy and then something small high gi straight away to restore your glycoen in your muscles. Then within 20-30mins a balanced meal of protein, healthy fats and carbs. Jut vegies won't fill you up. Perhaps prepare the meal first then go to spin so you don't hero portion it out when ravenous. Eat it drink water then say to yourself damn in still hungry but I'll wait 20mins and see if I still am. Do you use the guided eating audio? Thy might help. I know what you mean though. Good luck

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I love the advice to

I love the advice to acknowledge that I'm still hungry but wait 20 minutes... I suppose if I am still hungry then I need to eat more.

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Ok, well I am brand new on

Ok, well I am brand new on 5 min old, but this feed caught my eye bc I am a runner also. Usually I run every day at least 3.5 miles. I eat CONSTANTLY. I'm not sure if its from working out all the time of from the fact that a lot of what I eat is low cal+0fat.... It's really frustrating when I'm always hungry and I can't seem to tell the difference between emotional and physical hunger. Sometimes ill eat for hours and end up with an all night b/p session. It's so miserable and really lonely. After an entire last week of that I couldn't do it anymore, so I joined here...

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