Anyone else getting anxious about Thanksgiving? Any tips on how to eat moderately?

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Anyone else getting anxious about Thanksgiving? Any tips on how to eat moderately?

Oh my least favorite holiday. The day we are all expected to binge. I have two thanksgiving dinners to attend to, moms side and dads. There's going to be so much good food at both, not to mention that my mom and grandma used to own a restaurant, and cook for the masses (for my smallll family).

Every Thanksgiving for the past 5 yrs I've binged, and purged if I was lucky. I want this T-giving to be different. I want to resist the binge. But how? Especially because my family wants me to try EVERY dish, moderation seems impossible for a 10+ course meal, and dessert on top of that. Plus they get offended if I don't.

I am really considering skipping out entirely..i dont know.

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Funny ...I just wrote a blog

Funny ...I just wrote a blog very similar to yours yesterday....i come from a big italian family who also cooks amazing food and wants you to eat and eat and eat. Really?...A holiday that says to binge on food all day long....this has to be the worst thing in the world for us to attend. How do we get thru thanksgiving without the binge...portion control has always been such an issue with me...that all or nothing thinking gets me everytime...but i want so badly to have this years holiday season to be about something other than this disease and not about food at all. I worry the same as you....but i wish you all the luck in the world! Try to start a structered eating pattern now so that maybe your body can adjust somewhat before the big day comes...I am trying this right now and even though its hard it is making my urges to binge quite less than usual. We let this disease ruin everything for, friends, holidays, ...our whole life is taken from us...dont let it take this from you!

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My parents know about my

My parents know about my eating disorder, but the rest of my family doesn't. Last year, I told my mom that I wanted holidays to stop being centered around food -- her version of a "good" holiday seems to be dictated by how much food there is and how good it tastes. This year, we are not going to just eat and have family gossip, which is what occurs most every other year, while we watch my aunt get drunk. I'm bringing Scrabble and some other board/card games so we can actually spend time with each other, and not focus just on the food, because that is not what Thanksgiving is supposed to be about, even though our American culture has sort of made it that way.

I know every family has different Thanksgiving traditions, so I can't really speak for yours, but I know for me, my family is more a "grazing" family, so we just have the food set out and you take what you want. It's pretty easy to take just what you want and no one questions how much or how little you eat. In the past, this has enabled me to get away with eating nothing at all, or stuffing my face with rolls (oh how I love hot bread). But this year, I'm using it as an opportunity to stick to my structured eating plan - one plate of whatever food I want, then I'm saying no to seconds. Also, I always try to think, "Well, can I have that any other time, or is this one of my few opportunities?", and I try to pick the foods that I really, really, will savor and enjoy, not just eat it all to eat it all.

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