Anyone a middle child?

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Anyone a middle child?

I read a few times that a middle child is more likely to suffer from an ED than an older or younger. To be honest, I dont believe a word of that, but just curious to know.

I've two older sisters and two younger brothers

Harry :)

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Harry, I have 2 older sisters


I have 2 older sisters (twins) and a younger brother - so yes, I'm middle child :)
The twins did everything for the first time when we were growing up - and then when it was my turn - it wasn't that interesting because it had been done already (and not just once but twice)

And then when it came around for my brother - he was the baby and the boy my dad wanted always - so when he did something for the first time - it was all exciting because he was the baby boy. So yeah, kinda felt a bit left out - I know it wasn't purposly.Just one of those things .....

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I'm a middle child- I have

I'm a middle child- I have always had 'middle child syndrome' actually. People don't really think so when I say it, but I'm constantly seeking attention and approval. I'm not really loud or anything, but I'm very outgoing and an over-achiever. I want to be the best at everything I do, and I want to join every club, organization, class etc. I could see where that would worsen my ED behavior by the desire to seek attention and perfection, but I know that being middle child didn't cause it. Interesting point of research though...

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I'm the eldest of three and

I'm the eldest of three and the only girl. There really wasn't much pressure appearance-wise at home, I sort of grew up as a tom boy, surrounded by males and without a mother.
My problem growing up was that my family expected me to do well in everything I did, because I generally excelled at anything I put my mind to. As a result, I never got special attention for my achievements, which may be similar to the idea of "middle child syndrome".

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I'm the middle child, the

I'm the middle child, the only girl. Never ever been good enough, still not. sigh

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Im a middle child too!

Im a middle child too!

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I'm number eight out of a

I'm number eight out of a family of 11 children.. And I don't mean 11 kids counting halves and step siblings etc.. one mom, one dad, 11 kids.. My parents did well. But it's hard to keep up with what is now 11 kids and 7 grandkids... Kinda sucks...

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I'm a middle child too! I

I'm a middle child too! I could definitely see how there might be some correlation between these two!

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Hi, I guess I break the

Hi, I guess I break the mould. I'm the oldest of three girls though I have always gotten the shaft with everything, even when I was good at some thing one of my younger sisters out shone me. A trend that has unfortunately followed me to this day and, not to mention to top it all off, I have an out spoken and insensitive dad who always seems to call out how awesome my sisters' talents are.

xx Sadie

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I'm a middle child... but my

I'm a middle child... but my older sister also suffered from ED. I actually suspect a lot of her bad habits trickled down to me... but that's another story!
I think both my sister and I felt a lot of pressure growing up to be bone-thin and in my case at least, birth order didn't have much to do with it.

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yuppp.. i have an older and

yuppp.. i have an older and younger sister... so im the middle of 3 girls.. dont know if that has anything to do with anything but interesting to think about...

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I am a middle child - older

I am a middle child - older brother, younger sister.

I think it's more the whole family dynamic than any position in it, but it is interesting to think about!

My brother and sister both suffer from fairly significant mental health issues, my Dad was controlling and emotionally distant, my Mum was emotionally unstable, abusive and expected everyone around her (including me) to save her from herself. She also had an ED although no one else in my family does. She was the youngest of three girls.

This made me kind of "in charge" and the carer and protector of my siblings (which I think tends to be more a characteristic of an oldest) and felt the need to solve everyone's problems - and I think that has been a strongly contributing factor to my ED.

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Harry, kind of strange how

Harry, kind of strange how the similarities continue... I have 2 older sisters & 2 younger brothers! Hope you're doing well x

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scarlet dahlia
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Ha. I'm the youngest. My

Ha. I'm the youngest. My parents had great expectations for me. They always told me I would [should] be better than my older brother and sister and not "go astray" like they did. Then when it became clear I was the black sheep of the family, I suddenly became "just like the others, another 'disgrace' [a very shameful term in Italian culture]." I'm not sure about the "middle child" theory, but I'm positive it has more to do with the specific interpersonal relationships within members of a family...

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