anything to substitute / replace chocolate

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anything to substitute / replace chocolate

just need and want to have safer, healthier options for snacks. chocolates, chocolate bars etc - they're all lately very addictive and i want to stop the cravings for chocolate candies / bars. any ideas? thanks everyone =)

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I have found dried fruit

I have found dried fruit pretty good for helping with snacking on thing like chocolate. I buy a big bag of them and keep them in my fridge at home and I also take a tub to work with me, which helps stop me eating the cheese in the fridge at work when I have my break. They are sweet enough to help with a sugar craving, but it's a natural sweetness- just make sure you get one with no added sugars. They are also chewy enough to make them last a bit longer than the quick fix of chocolate, giving you a chance to feel satisfied with some fullness and helping stop you eat more than necessary.

I also like dried mango, which is also nice and chewy and gives me time to appreciate each mouthful. They really taste yummy! Apricots have the added advantage of keeping me regular, which takes the stress out of worrying so much about constipation!


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Hey, I used to be a massive

Hey, I used to be a massive sweet tooth and crave chocolate and sugary foods all the time. I would substitute meals to get my fix. Then I was told it was probably because I didn't eat enough carbs.....I wasn't totally convinced with this theory to begin with, but it was totally true! Once I increased my carb intake my sugar cravings started to reduce. maybe its something you could try and experiment with?

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I love Sugar free Jelly with

I love Sugar free Jelly with some Greek yogurt and chopped nuts - Satisfies my sweet tooth, has good texture to it, and has loads of protein and good bacteria from the yogurt and nuts so will do wonders for your body :)

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Greek/turkish yogurt with

Greek/turkish yogurt with dried fruit/nuts or berries.

Or well for me, Yogurt with anything! even a small teaspoon of honey if you want a "full rounded" snack that is also sweet.

-Granola bars
-I love raisins, or Banana.

However remember that a nice dark chocolate is not necessarily unhealthy. And the more we forbid foods the greater the risk that we binge on them.

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Best two things to buy at

Best two things to buy at whole foods :

Raw Cereal in Bulk made out of healthy stuff with chocolate flavour .

Or kale Chips with raw chocolate !

U will love it

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Chocolate protein shake helps

Chocolate protein shake helps me:)

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