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the art of PMS

My PMS used to be so bad I would actually become suicidal and would develop paranoia that actually did border on insanity... I could barely breathe without becoming so agitated I wanted to scream. I used to fantasize about a sensory deprivation chamber where all 5 of my senses could be taken away so I wouldn't experience the raw nerves. that's the best way to describe it, I think: raw nerves, where even a gentle breeze provoked extreme pain. Oh, and my breasts hurt so badly I couldn't sleep. I gained 8-10 pounds beforehand, and I am a fairly small woman.

Today, my pms is probably worse than average, but it doesn't push me into mental illness. I've experimented with every kind of herb, nutritional strategy, contraceptives, and even anti-depressants for that week, and I've taken this as far as it can go in terms of physical changes. I'm much, much better. I still experience moodiness and erratic sleep patterns, and I gain 2-3 pounds, which seems normal and healthy. But, I still feel miserable. It starts 14 days before my period, when I ovulate. Then, I have a few days of relief, then it gets me again about 5 days before. Basically, my quality of life is SOOO much lower that week. If not for pms, I'd be one of the happiest people I know!

So, my strategy is to cram ALL my favorite things into those 5 days. I'm creating a 'pms treasure chest' with my favorite, most comfortable pants (purple corduroy), favorite lotions and hair styling products, my 4 most flattering pairs of earrings (to offset the puffy face I get), my favorite music and magazines and socks. A few other strategies I'm going to employ: usually, I try to do an hour of writing each morning, but during pms, I'm going to let myself NOT do my writing and go to the gym instead. I typically exercise 20-30 minutes, but on pms days, I'll exercise 45. When a new movie hits that I really want to see, I'll wait until my pms week to watch it in the theater. I'll also give myself plenty of opportunities to cry, since it has been suggested to me that I might be suppressing emotions the rest of the month and they 'crop up' right before my period.

I love projects like these. My goal is to get to the point where I hear myself thinking, "I can't wait for pms." I figure it will probably take me about 12 months to perfect the art. And then, maybe I'll write a book about it. :)

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I think so, yes. It must

I think so, yes. It must mess with hormones. I don't know how, exactly. My cycles still aren't completely regular. I didn't get my period for 4 years in my 20's, and it has evened out ever so slowly. I notice that caffeine seems to be a problem, too. I had a few months of easy times, and it was when I wasn't drinking any coffee. I also get off cycle when the weather changes, but last month and this month have been pretty good.

That's great that your pms is better already!

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Hi, I'm new. I don't

Hi, I'm new. I don't remember having pms at all when I was younger; it's now that I'm 44 that I notice it. Eating healthy and exercise has never been more important than now at this age. I never thought I'd be saying something like this--so unlike me--but it's suddenly true. A lot of my focus and motivation is about keeping my hormones level and producing enough serotonin to keep perspective right before my period especially. It's interesting how the body changes with age, and also interesting that there is such a huge link between the body and mind. I'm told estrogen drops really low right before your period at this age in ways that if not eating and exercising you can feel really depressed. Like you, I consciously have to get out for a run to safeguard against that.

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Hmmmmmm - I just posted a

Hmmmmmm - I just posted a really depressing blog - I am 7 day out from my period. Something to think about. I have been getting terrible migraines lately too - maybe I should ask my obgyn about this...

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I hate PMS! I get extremely

I hate PMS! I get extremely anxious, bloated, hungry, sad, tired.. you name it. I have also tried herbal remedies and different supplements but I don't find anything to be really helpful. The pill helps with my period pain, but the PMS is just the same.

Let's find the sunshine together :)

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Three Months Later: An

Three Months Later: An Update

My PMS has gotten better each of the past few months. Back in February, I did make a "special box" that had my favorite lotions, clothes, jewelry, and lotions. But each month has gotten progressively easier, to the point where I even forgot to take the box out this month, because I had no symptoms!

I hardly changed anything, so I'm surprised by this immense turnaround (then again, the weather is MUCH better). I know my PMS is about low serotonin. I started eating more complex carbohydrates the 2 weeks before my period, and I stopped eating my sugary afternoon snack, and that was it! Problem solved. Oh, the other thing I did was try to give myself opportunities to cry. When I was in my 20's, I cried all the time, which was very healthy, I think.

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