Asking for info on Intuitive Eating books

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Asking for info on Intuitive Eating books


Ok, finally I think Im ready to start on this! lets see how it goes...

Could you recommend any books on Intuitive Eating and the web site to pay for a download? I want to read them on my tablet...

Thank you!!


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im going to answer my own

im going to answer my own post...

someone around here recommended Intuitive Eating , book by Triboley Elyse, i couldnĀ“t find a way to buy the ebook but on Amazon they sell the kindle version, but i dont have a nook reader for kindle...

anyway, i downloaded the free app to read kindle books on my Mac and i bought the book in amazon, easy, but its my first time as im not so up to date with technology...

so im starting to read tha book today.

thats it for the moment, hope it brings some relief cause im having horribly hard days feeling like a huge elephant...


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That's great you found an

That's great you found an answer to your question. Thank you for updating so we are all aware!


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Hi Walker, I am also

Hi Walker, I am also interested in starting to read about intuitive eating, even though I am still really doing structured eating. I would love to hear how you get on with the book and what you think of it. Thanks!

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