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bad night

well had a bad night with food, came home from work to a home that was a total mess and my husband had been home with our children but did not organize anything. things not done, no supper and they school bags not emptied. I lost it and did not calm myself down I ate, I ate and then cried. I was so upset that he had so little regard for me it was sad. I just needed to share to get rid of it. Please think of me today and help me move on.
Prayers to all of you


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I'm sorry you had such a

I'm sorry you had such a touch evening :(. It's okay to feel overwhelmed sometimes. You're in my thoughts and prayers and I hope today is a better one for you. <3

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Thinking of you. Hoping today

Thinking of you. Hoping today is a better day. It's so hard not to go straight to binging when things are out of control at home! I can totally relate!


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Hard to balance it all, long

Hard to balance it all, long week but food ok. Not perfect but ok. Some fun some stress. So nice to come on line and have the support
Thinking and praying for you all


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It will get better and as it

It will get better and as it does, I think our emotional roller coaster will slow down and we'll be better able to face stressful situations. Keep trying!


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