Bad, red, facial skin =(

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Bad, red, facial skin =(

Does anyone else find they have not very great facial skin? I wash my face with high quality face wash, drink loads of water, and try to eat well (besides binges on junk occasionally!)...
Yet, my cheeks get really red and I generally have bad skin. this wasn't the case before the disorder. I hate this, and I think it must be the disorder, and dehydration.

i don't FEEL dehydrated, but I must have been really dehydarted before recovery began... Maybe I still am?

Just wondering if anyone else find this, or if anyone HAD baddish skin that improved as their disorder lessended and they ate reguarily!

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My skin on my face does this

My skin on my face does this too. I think it might be the disorder, because my face wouldn't do this before either. I'd think our skin would go back to normal after recovery but, unfortunately I am not there yet.

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