A Beautiful Body

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A Beautiful Body

The simple truth is that until I will not be able to Accept my body and nurture it, care about it, cherish it, I will live in this pit. Food, binging, purging, fasting, running, worrying, crying, lying, falling, raising, falling again, raising again, praying, hoping, fighting. It will never stop for good until I sit down and hug my body. I need to learn how to smile at my body: my troubled, unique, blessed body that makes me be here. Right now. Today. If only I knew how to. If only I knew. Seems like this is my lifelong journey: learning that I am here in this life with This body and none else's. This IS my body.


"The project is intended to redefine beautiful. Our bodies. Ourselves. Our World. Our families. We are beautiful.
Thank you for being a part of the magic we are creating together!" - Jade Beall

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This post made me cry. Cry

This post made me cry. Cry for the truth of my destructive actions that continue to disrespect my body in a way that no other evil could ever achieve, cry in weakness, for being so fed up and used and abused and tortured and so fed up with crying in weakness.....
but also I cry in hope. I will love myself, i will not give up, i will learn to be free, i will learn to save my tears for things that are worth crying over because they warrant true tears in the face of real suffering. I will not cry for suffering in my bulimic days, for my bulimic thoughts and bulimic ways, because these days are numbered.


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You already are, you are here

You already are, you are here because you want to, you see it, you aim to. You and your unique, miraculous body deserve it :-)

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