Is being extremely tired normal during the first week?

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Is being extremely tired normal during the first week?

This is my 5th day doing SE and I'm exhausted. The bloating I know is normal and I'm definitely going through that too. I know my body is tired, but I'm not sure that me being this lethargic is normal. My whole body aches and even walking hurts. It's hard to keep my eyes open but I never actuall fall asleep. What's weird is that today is the first day of me experiencing exhaustion. I take adderall on a daily basis and usually, that wakes me up no matter how tired I am. But today, I took a nap and still feel like I could benefit from another one. I have a busy schedule because of school and all week I've had exams. I have to leave for class at 7 am everyday and today, I didn't even wake up until 1230 pm and missed my Friday class! I was just wondering if anyone experienced this too? I'm kind of worried and wondering if I should maybe go to the ER to see if something is seriously wrong.

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yes yes yes, very normal.

yes yes yes, very normal. Your body is repairing, you're likely eating more carbohydrates than before (which makes people a bit groggy), you're psychologically confused because your habit is different, and you are no longer motivated by checking your weight # on a scale, which can be really disorienting. The combination of chemical changes and confusion can cause sleepiness. It can be a mild depression, too. Bulimia can feel like a part of ourselves, so stopping that habit can produce grief.

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