Being Trusting In A New Relationship

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Being Trusting In A New Relationship

Hi all!
So I met a guy a few weeks ago and we spent 2 weeks together. I am now away for 3 weeks. Things started quite strongly. I am really struggling keeping my mind sane - essentially because I really like him. It hasn't affected my eating directly and I don't want it to affect my self worth! Especially now, at this critical moment when I am building it up again!!
Any tips for keeping my mind together and not overthinking every single text?!
Thanks everyone!!


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A very similar thing happened

A very similar thing happened to me, I met a guy just as I first started seeking help.
For the first few weeks I didn't tell him my issue but had said straight up that I wasn't sure if I could commit as I was going through a lot in my life and needed to be selfish and just put myself first for once. He was exceptionally understanding and was intrigued as to what i was going through and when I felt comfortable I finally told him and he was amazing about it. I think that having him around during my initial stages of recovery was actually the best thing as he became my distraction when I felt like breaking.
So while you may be analysing every text (so common for females to do), just remember guys don't contact you unless they genuinely want to, there isn't much subtext to their words and what you see is usually face value, not much more behind it.
Enjoy his company, see where it goes, but remember to put yourself first right now :)

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I agree with everything

I agree with everything Gabwee said. Also I find dating more than one person at a time ( I said dating not sleeping with!) helps with issues like this. The guys who are really interested will stick around, the rest will fade away and you don't go as crazy because you didn't put all your eggs in one basket.

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do not 'assume' in any

do not 'assume' in any matters in life.
sounds simple but very hard to master as assuming things comforts us whether its assuming someone likes us and we imagine the wedding already or if you walk past someone you assume they have said something or think something bad about your appearance

We are our biggest judges. Live without assuming and just ask more questions so you live in truth.. reality.

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Thanks girls!!!

Thanks girls!!!


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