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Best binge buster

What is the best way to avoid binging?

Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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haven't found a good one yet.

haven't found a good one yet. smoking or chewing gum i guess. but don't start smoking if. it's such a bad habit.. any other suggestions? i need all the help i can get in the binge busting department

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Try some of our binge busting tools

Hi, Have you tried any of our binge busting tools. There are a few visualization and relaxation ones in there. The binge analyzer is good! Some say it's good to get out of the house if you feel a binge urge ... come on guys we need more suggestions! Smile

Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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I've found that eating kimchi is really useful in off-setting or preventing a binge.

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What is the best way to avoid binging?

How do you avoid chocolate cravings?
carbs. are okay, you've got a lot of options- whole wheat bread/cereal/noodles, but chocolate is a hit or miss... who can stay to just one portion size, really :s

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I try not to be alone. Having

I try not to be alone. Having people around me tends to help... So I try to make plans for the days my roommate is gone. And I chew a lot of chewing gum and drink water. Good luck!

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Binge Busting

I like getting out of the house and working out. Also, if you really have down time you need to fill, try cleaning out your closet or bedroom...things like that always end up making me become consumed in reorganizing everything for hours. Reorganize pictures and go through old school papers and stuff...sometimes I stumble across things that give me more motivation to recover, like a picture from my non-ED days

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I find being occupied makes

I find being occupied makes it a little easier for me... When i am not sitting there thinking about it its a little easier, but i do have to say I do plan on what i am going to eat and purge.. is that abnormal???

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I don't think that's

I don't think that's abnormal... if it is then I'm guilty too :s

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I do that to, especially when

I do that to, especially when I'm at work.

You're worth it:}

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Before serving the meal,

Before serving the meal, arrange a certain amount of healthy food on the plate, it always differs either it is meat with salad; grains; or diary products. Eat what you have in your plate and not more. The fruit you can have an hour after the meal, of course don't forget the water. Eat as healthy as you possible can and you'll achieve!

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No 'good' food 'bad' food'

Remember deprivation leads to binging.

If your body is calling out for something in particular and you are not eating that something because you are trying to be healthy - then the chances of binging on that food type become high! No mater how hard you try to avoid eating it... it will lure you in. Our bodies are clever that way. Eating three meals and at least two snacks a day is the best binge buster... if you don't feel the need to binge you are dramatically cutting down the need to purge.

Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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A structured eating plan is

A structured eating plan is essential. When I starve myself and get hungry,I fantisize about binging and purging. It is difficult to make the transition from bulimia/anorexia to recovery. I've been so void of nutrients for so long that I feel like my body needs so much. Being bulimic, however, I can't allow myself to eat too much because I will want to throw it up. I can't exist now without a structured eating plan. Left to myself, food completely baffles me.

A constant battle

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I agree

I'm on the same page with Alison. I definitely have to have structure to my eating. That's where I failed with trying to do intuitive eating on my own - I couldn't figure out how to eat by just listening to my body. I need the structure at least for now. If I know I'll get to eat again in another couple of hours and get to eat whatever I want, that seems to be helping me keep away thoughts of bingeing and starving myself.

I do think the binge buster tool is very helpful - I've used that with success :)

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Intuitive eating

Structured eating was my key to recovery. I had to stick it out, get over the bloat and wait patiently for my body to repair the many years of abuse!! After this time I was ready to move on to intuitive eating. I would not recommend even starting this before structured eating. Intuitive eating involves listening to your body instead of your dieting mind and really getting back in touch with your body once again.

Do you ever watch normal eaters and wonder how they can stop eating?? Or wonder how they only eat a little bite of there cake and save the rest until later or even the next day? When the body has repaired itself it will start normalizing. Intuitive eating is practicing normality until it's second nature again... remember when you were a child or before your dieting and eating disorder days??

Coming soon to the site is tons more information especially on intuitive eating. For just now stick with structured eating... it's the best bulimia remedy out there!!


Good luck!



Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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thank you

Thank you so much Ali! I cannot tell you what a blessing you've been! Thank you for sharing your own experience - keys to success, recovery & help coming from someone who has been there has been so helpful! :)

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You are very welcome!

Thank you Aimsee, I am very pleased that you are finding the site useful.

It is set to go through an upgrade in the next coming months... so hopefully it will be even better with more helpful info!

Keep with recovery - you are doing a fab job!

Ali Laughing

Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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Binge Buster

The best way I know to bust a binge is to tell someone that I am thinking about it. When I hear myself saying it out loud I realize that I really don't want to do that, and it also holds me more accountable. I usually tell my husband, and now that I have this tool I will say it here as well. For me, making the choice to say I am not going to do it is a very healthy step. When the thought is in only in my head binging is still an option-when I've said it out loud suddenly it is not so easy to choose to binge.

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Binge Buster

I would have to agree. One of the best ways to stop or avoid a bing is tell someone or make sure you aren't alone. Find someone that will hang with you until the binge feeing passes. This could be an hour up to a day.

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binge buster

If you crave something, go for it, have a lil bit but ask yourself am I full of this and wanting more cuz it taste good.. if so then stop eating the item but it away out of sight out of mind! not in all cases but it may help.


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Washing dishes with hot water

Washing dishes with hot water is a great binge buster for me. Also, any kind of computer or video game where you can get completely absorbed in some other reality is great. (If you have time to helps me to remind myself that ANYTHING is more productive than bingeing and purging. I find that sometimes I feel unable to get things done so I b/p...resulting in still not getting things done AND harming myself.)

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I like to get out of the

I like to get out of the house. I live alone and spend most of the days and nights at home. This gives me waaay to many chances to b/p and i find it is very hard to talk myself out of it. I find tho if i go to a coffee shop with a book and have a cappuccino (which makes me feel satisfied not full) and stay there for like 2hrs...the feeling is gone. I also notice that it is hard for me to make a proper meal for myself and keep it down but if i go out ..epecially with friends..i am not as guilty and 99% more likely to keep it down...ew public restrooms!!

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This Site!

This site has helped me not to B/P, I came across this site only last night but today it has helped me and I feel like I have defeated it today. All of your encouraging words and not being alone and judged is amazing after 5 years of feeling you are the only one.

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how long does it take for the

how long does it take for the bloating and the body to return to its normal state?

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Recovery is different for everyone.

It is very difficult to put a time next to how long it takes for the body to return to its normal state. Everyone is different. Personally it took me around 3 months to see great improvements. It's work in progress, recovery can take up to a year or more for some.

Don't let this discourage you. Take baby steps all the way soon this adds up to one giant leap.

Keep up the good work,


Ali Kerr
Recovery is so very very possible!

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i think that is what i find

i think that is what i find the hardest. that it takes so long. if i have a good few days, or even manage to go for a week, i actually sort of feel worse. i don't feel so distressed and so exhausted, but now i have to just face what i've done to my body, how bloated and 'fatty' (i.e. storing in lumps!) it has become. i know that it's due to b/p that this has happened, but at least binging distracts me from having to really face it! i managed four days b/p free last week, but then dropped back into it big time for three days. because i guess it just became unbearable to keep facing it all. facing the size of my new body. and not having a distraction, or an 'excuse'....i think that's the hardest thing.

'you live to fight another day'

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it definitely helps to be

it definitely helps to be courageous and honest with a loved one when you are feeling vulnerable to a binge. so talking to someone helps,and asking for some help to get out of the trap, maybe do something with a loved one. drinking a glass of water or chewing gum can help. sometimes its a simple matter of waiting out the urge, and it wil pass. taking a long walk and looking at the stars and clouds puts it in perspective for me.

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mindful eating and dbt skills

learning mindfull eating can help so that you learn when you eat to observe the bites you take, to savor the bites. which kind of brings us to the dbt skills. learning mindfullness is one of the skills dbt (dialectical and behavioral therapy) teaches. through learning these skills ive learned to be less judgemental, to have a new way of thinking, learned new ways of asking for things, learned how to put a control on emotions, etcetera. it really is a great program that i would encourage everyone to look into or at least consider learning more about on their own!

liz d

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being alone is the biggest

being alone is the biggest trigger. the sound of the door slamming "byee"...that would be the trigger. i agree avoid being alone.
i have also been to a few exercise classes at the gym this has helped me a lot, it reduces my appetite, and makes me appreciate each mouthful knowing i worked hard to burn calories, it makes you feel happier, and its such a better option than vomiting and great for your body. if you don't use exercise as a form of purging id advise trying it. especially with the trainer, being in the group, the dance moves are fun and it feels good to really work up a sweat. its much more motivating than jogging or the tredmill!(though a short jog in the morning(when its sunny!) with music feels good too)

now i feel i can go to bed, sleep very well!,guilt free, and satisfied with my healthy meal, usually i'd crave chocolate or something in the evening, not today :). i plan to join the gym in a couple of months.

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just don't buy it

since my relapse a couple of months ago i have been binging and purging mostly on specific foods. so all i have to do is... just don't buy it! easier said than done but today on my way home from town i drove by 3 places where i buy my favorite binge foods. my stomach clenched, i got so stressed, almost turned in several times, but instead i just kept driving. i think i will be ok for the day now. so simple, so effective... just don't buy it.

"To maintain hunger where food is available, as Western women are doing, is to submit to a life state as unnatural as anything with which the species has come up yet. It is more bizarre than cannibalism." -Naomi Wolf in The Beauty Myth

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i think the best binge buster

i think the best binge buster is to take medication or essentil vitamins RIGHT before your about to eat. because when i do that i dont wanna throw my vitamins up or medications so it prevents me from purging episodes. or try calling a friend or take a shower before u feel a binge coming on maybe even walk out of the house and enjoy the summer weather

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