The Biggest Loser Finale

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The Biggest Loser Finale

I watched the Biggest Loser finale last night and was deeply saddened when I saw the "winner". I was on FB and found something that I wanted to share with everyone, it is a beautiful perspective and really got me to thinking about my own struggles.

"My thoughts on the Biggest Loser Finale- I spent a few hours last night talking to a group of teenage girls & women about body image & and my journey with an eating disorder. When I got home it was really late and I was exhausted but for some reason couldn't sleep. I turned on my computer and saw that I had some messages on Facebook so I clicked on the icon, I find it very ironic that the very post I saw was about the "Biggest Loser" Finale and a girl named Rachel who looked terrible. I stopped watching the Biggest Loser a long time ago, for a lot of reasons but the biggest one being the emphasis on weight loss with little regard to all else. Maybe I am crazy but I don't think spending 4-6 hours a day in the gym is healthy- I think it is dangerous. I don't think that working out to the point of throwing up or passing out in anyway represents healthy- It's wrong. I also feel that there is something deeply wrong with our culture when we create a game around people's weight and health, making a novelty out of it. People will go to all kinds of extremes to win and be the best, especially those who feel like they have something to prove and worth to earn. We have seen this time and time again in the athletic world. I guess that is why I was not surprised to see the drastic change in Rachel when she walked out. My heart hurt that her so called 2nd chance at life led her to just another extreme form of disordered eating. My heart hurt at the unkind words that were spoken about the appearance of her physical state. Trust me when I say she does not need our judgement and harsh words. She needs us to gear up for battle and change the conversation about weight. She needs us to raise our voices against the obsession with weight and size. She needs us to be warriors for health over the number on the scale. She needs us to be warriors promoting how our bodies FEEL over how they look. But more importantly Rachel and all the other Rachel's out there need our WARRIOR LOVE.

I know there are readers here who struggle with weight and their appearance...I am right there with you but if I have learned anything on my journey it is that "extreme" is not the way. You do not have to do whatever it takes to lose weight at the expense of your health. You don't. And we would all do well to stop believing this lie.

Here is something to really think about- What if we NEVER had to look in the mirror again, or we just stopped stepping on the scale for good, how would we measure our health? I'd like to think it would be by how we FEEL because the rest wouldn't matter. It wouldn't

You are more than a number. You are so much more than a size. You are not an object. YOU are AMAZING. YOU are VALUED. YOU are ENOUGH. YOU are BRAVE. YOU are STRONG.

YOU are WORTH choosing to be a healthy and happy YOU. You are!


Hope recovery is finding you well! Jenni

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I guess its very true why

I guess its very true why they say 'EVERYRHING IN MODERATION'
Too much of something can be a bad thing, too little of something can be a bad thing.
That works for everything from food, to exercise, to vitamins, to alcohol, to hobbies.
Its about finding the balance.

If there were no mirrors or scales we would measure ourselves based on our happiness and health.
Which is where we all go wrong in this world. We are too vain about something so insignificant that makes no difference whatsoever to living life.

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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You are so right Angel! I am

You are so right Angel! I am trying to teach myself moderation at this point!

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Wow! Thank you for this


Thank you for this beautiful reflection. I've never watched that show, but I think everywhere we look we can somehow relate to that modern obsession with weight.

I like the idea of love warriors! Next time when I think about my weight, I will remember to feel! And I will remember that healing myself from bulimia is my contribution to creating a more sensible, happy, and loving world.

Love and smiles to you! :)


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