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Binge alternatives

Ok, so you feel that imminent urge inside you start to creep up. It's getting stronger by the second. Depending on where you are, you almost resist smashing something on hard concrete in a bid for it to go away. It seems to be whispering to you, to come into its grasp. You can't stop it from knocking on your door, but you CAN choose not to answer it, and keep it locked out.

Hence, what healthy alternatives do you have out there that have worked for you and that you would like to share with like-minded individuals in this community who are committed, focused and caring enough about themselves to listen?

Please share!

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I am about to take myself out

I am about to take myself out for some time out in Nature right this moment. I cancelled 2 social appointments because I know that they would only serve to stimulate me further, without me even so much as paying actual attention to either party, because my thoughts are elsewhere and on someone else - me, and how I'm going to get through the day feeling successful about recovery. It is fine to be selfish, because I matter. My recovery matters and it should be high priority for me.

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Awesome topic! Yes, being

Awesome topic! Yes, being outside is definitely one of my personal faves :)

Here's Richard's 101 things to do instead of binge:

I also found a hot shower to be a great self-care thing to do in a bind. Brushing my teeth and some gentle stretching also helped. Best of luck! Keep up the great recovery efforts!! Recovery is never selfish, it only helps you to be better for those around you who rely on you! You've got the right attitude.

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