bingeing and money

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bingeing and money

I moved into college this passed weekend and I've been really nervous about to what extent my b/p episodes will be. Im living in a house with a family and renting an extra room of theirs with my own bathroom...which is unfortunately easy access. I ate really well today, however, and I feel good, like I could keep the trend going. I"ve also been visiting my friends who now have their own apartments and I've been helping them budget money for food and rent and stuff and one of my friends has no meal plan at all until she gets a job and also no way of getting food because she has no money except for what's saved in the bank and that is going toward tuition and rent. It made me really sad to see that she literally has no way of getting food right now. I've been stealing her sandwiches from the dining commons and she's planning on buying a loaf of bread and a pound of turkey for the week but when I think about eating nothing but sandwiches I just feel bad that that's all she can do right now. It really put things in perspective for me, now that I see my friends having to pay for ALL of their own food since many of them dont have meal plans this year on campus and it made me think how selfish it is to binge on food that could have been given to them. I don't have a job anymore and it's also making me be more careful about how much I spend on food that I don't really need. I hope that this is enough to keep me going good for awhile.

just hold my hand i think that would help.

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Seeing situations like that

Seeing situations like that does put it into a whole new perspective. I have a house and live with my boyfriend and my daughter. When I binge I feel so bad because we have to pay for the food we have and I am wasting it. It really makes me feel selfish but it makes me try harder to eat like a normal person so we have more money to do things. Every time I feel like I am going to binge I cook a meal for my daughter for the next day, I'm getting good at cooking lol. Maybe you could do that for your friend.

Just take it one day at a time.

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