Bingeing is automatic

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Bingeing is automatic

Hi everyone. I am new to the program and have been bingeing purging for, get this, 37 years. What I have found in reading the material about the emotional binge triggers is 'recognizing' them. I have been doing this for so long that it's all but automatic for me. I have always overeaten knowing I will simply throw it up later. There isn't even any emotion behind it. I don't know when it's going to happen and I am almost in a trance eating too much then purging. I early on developed strong ab muscles so I don't remember ever having to stick my hand down my throat to gag. I just lean over and up it comes. It doesn't hurt and I don't have to strain. That makes it difficult to stop. It's almost like spitting. That's what nearly 40 years doing this does. So I am looking for tips from other members out there who binge purged so long that they have lost contact of the feelings that drive the behavior, and how they have SLOWED down and recognized the binge urge to stop it before acting on it. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks from the old lady!

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Hi vickinggirl. I just wanted

Hi vickinggirl. I just wanted to say warm welcome to the community! I will keep it short, because I used to purge through intense exercise and not vomiting. I am sure someone wil be able to help, but if you need anything feel free to PM. The beginning of the program can take some adjustments - there are plenty of people here to support you! X


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Hi vikinggirl, I have been

Hi vikinggirl,

I have been bulimic for 12 years and your description sounds a lot like me (more like spitting, doing it in autopilot/in a trance). In the past had the same worries that you have expressed about overcoming habitual aspects of the b/p cycle. For me what has helped is really following the structured eating, not snacking aside from the structured eating because for me that can easily turn into a binge, and being aware when I am in fog/trance (being taken over by urge). In fact this morning I woke up and had a piece of biscotti before I was even fully awake, and I realized as I was about to grab for another one that I was literally in a trance....I was able to snap myself out of it and continue with a normal breakfast and am not feeling pretty good this morning. I know none of that info is groundbreaking but that is what has helped for me. I hope you have a great day!

AllieMags ;)

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