Binges at night

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Binges at night

I'm still struggling with the night time binges. It's been two nights in a row where I've had binges , and not purged. I'm super worried about the amount of weight I will gain if I keep this up. I already feel like a whale from just two days of medium sized binges- no purge. I'm at a healthy weight and I workout a lot, but any weight gain would make me feel so bad about myself.. Any tips on how to over come these binges?? Also I hope this isn't triggering to any of you.

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If you work out a lot

If you work out a lot remember you need to increase your calories on these days, even the day after to properly fuel and refuel your body. By eating more you may reduce your binge urges a bit. Also staying busy in the it hunger? or boredom? If its true hunger then eat as that's your body's way of telling you it needs food! however if its boredom then you need to look a ways to keep your mind busy. Is it Body Hunger or Mind Hunger? Think carefully of that next time your tempted.

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Hello Dreamer, My advice for

Hello Dreamer,

My advice for night time binges is to have an after dinner snack. If you are getting the binge urge at night it indicates that there is somewhere that you are still restricting yourself or maybe you need to have an after dinner time snack to help remind your body and mind that you are not going to starve or restrict yourself anymore. These urges are normal and as you give it more time, continue to practice your structured eating and add more foods they will disappear. Congrats on resisting the urge to purge!! Do not worry about your weight. Your weight will take care of itself naturally with time. You will become the natural set point weight that is your genetic blue print in time. Your body needs to be nourished right now more importantly than anything else. Keep trusting the process. Also Angel is right, the more you workout the more you will need to eat. Be patient with yourself and soon the urges will disappear. You can do this! :)

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Wow- this is exactly what I

Wow- this is exactly what I am struggling with as well. Only new to the bulimia help program and already feeling positive about recovery but I am really struggling with night binges. Very thankful for the above suggestions, will try and put them into practice

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