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Hello everyone,
I know we have all spoken about this topic a lot but id like to refresh in my mind about the 'recovery bloat'.
I am again fully commited to recovery and have vowed to never purge again. I have been eating regular healthy meals that involve a lot of avocado, olives, fish, veggies, humas, low sugar fruit ect really feal good food. Im lying here now with a completey expanded stomach. It looks pregnant and I can no longer fit into any trousers I own. I'm fine with it more or less, if this is a means to an end of this nightmare ive suffered since the age of about 12. I know that we all have diferent recovery journeys but can anyone shed some light on how long this bloating may last for? That is, if I continue to eat more or less normally with no over or undereating?
I hope you all have a lovely E.D. free weekend.



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Hi beloved! Great you keep

Hi beloved! Great you keep going.
Digestive enzymes supplement really helps me with the bloating. I take it with each meal and even if I overeat and bloat, the bloating dissapears so quickly. No more falling asleep after lunch ha-ha :). Moreover, It's just few days, but since started taking more supplements that cover almost everything what my body needs, I feel that my body is more stable when I feel anxious, and I don't really feel like wanting/needing to binge on food.
I need st least 2 weeks to experience greater results from taking it, so it's gonna be better. :)


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or.or, What kind of digestive

or.or, What kind of digestive enzymes do you take?

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Hey all! Being careful to do

Hey all!

Being careful to do proper food combining helps me a lot (unfortunately for me, enzymes can't hold a candle to a meal of fruit + big protein).

Basically, it just means I eat things that digest at similar speeds together, and things that digest at very different speeds (ie, fruit which is fast and protein or fat which is slow) at different meals. I don't always follow it, but when I don't, I always get a gigantic belly.

For example, hummus plus fruit plus veggies in one meal (or even close together in the day) would kill me. But I have finicky digestion, which was there before the bulimia and most definitely was worsened by it. Perhaps it's ok for you, but it's good to pay attention and experiment either way.

Also, another thing I don't always follow (notice a pattern here? heh) is giving adequate rest time with no snacking in between meals. This lets the digestive system fully digest whatever is in there, before you layer another thing on top. Sometimes the layering -- especially of stuff that's vastly different -- can cause fermentation, which causes gas and bloating.

The other thing that helps me, again when I remember -- duh!! -- is taking a daily probiotic. I like the Udo's "intestinal health" one -- it's the one with more bifidus opposed to acidophilus, as I found the latter made me feel a bit stopped up (not a good thing if you're prone to bloat!).

Finally, I also noticed that people sometimes say "bloat" when they mean either gas OR water retention, which are kind of different. I recently started paying more attention to my sodium intake, something I'd never paid attention to before, and woah! The amount that the FDA recommends is the amount of sodium in about 1 teaspoon of salt, which, um, isn't very much over the course of the day. I started not adding salt to stuff, especially at the end of the day (which is hard, but I got used to it) and it helped me a lot with a big amount of water retention I didn't even know I was carrying...

Not everyone is as sensitive to sodium. I know people who eat lots and never seem to retain water, but for me, it was a factor.

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To comment on what Faye has

To comment on what Faye has said:

Yes I can fully relate to this. I have never fully investigated this food combining method, however I have noticed when I eat fruit with or after a meal I get very bloated/gassy etc...I actually gave up eating fruit for around a 6 month period and don't think I ever had that 'pregnant looking' stomach bloat once. Im not too sure on other food combining methods but yes from experience can relate to the fruit with meals or too close to meals.

This is not to say don't eat fruit. But eat it on its own. Not with a meal or as a dessert. From personal experience it had huge reductions in my bloatedness. But everyones digestive tract is different thus why a constant reminder what works for one does not necessarily work for the other

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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Zahara i take now's digest

Zahara i take now's digest ultimate(better and more expensive) or super enzymes which is also great.:)


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