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Does bloating affect any of you?
It happens all the time, but when i bloat, i instinctively think it's me who's put on weight, so i start to purge until my stomach is cramping and my throat burns.
And then i wont like eat anything else until the bloating has gone down. :/

How do you guys deal with it? is there anything i can take.
Because the bloating is helping less than ever with me trying to recover. :/



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I hate the post-binge bloat.

I hate the post-binge bloat. From 2 years of binging, I've learned that TIME is the only thing that gets rid of it... sometimes I take laxatives, which I know is a bad idea, but at least it helps a little with my stomach size after a bad binge. Other than that, a few days symptom-free is about the only thing that helps. Unfortunately, I can't really maintain that... :(

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yea, i hate bloating too. i

yea, i hate bloating too. i ALWAYS bloat after a purge and it sucks. u could try lasic (water pills) but i wouldnt take thise w/o asking a doc or atleast looking up as much info as possible on them. just like laxitives if u take too many it can really mess up your system.

you could try drinking a lot of water to help flush out ur body but that usually takes 2 long 4 me. if u get a good answer let me know!!

bloating, another reason not to b/p :)

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acidophilus!!!!! It's all

acidophilus!!!!! It's all natural, but in pill form! It's the healthy probiotics in yogurt! It had helped me tremendously. My doctor told me my digestive system is a bit sluggish due to my bulimia, and this speeds things up. I don't b/p very often...maybe once a month, so I'm not sure if it would help if you're in a very active form of bulimia, but during recovery it's great!!

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