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This is my first post. I have been 10 days without b/p and my bloating was going away but today it is like day 1. It makes me so upset. I'm working on my patience and also on remembering that my body does a great job. I'm grateful for my body and for doing a great job even when I punished it for so many years. It was a hard day and I'm go hang to bed early and I'm checking a win for today! Good luck to you all, we are doing the right thing and this program is great! I'm committed to recovery.


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If you can check a win...

If you can check a win... then it is a WIN.... don't let the psycho eating disorder tell you differently. I agree. The bloating is a bitch. On Friday I was 'little miss fart-a-lot' at an early christmas lunch with friends. The smell was terrible and there was nothing i could do about it. Terrible reflux too. Yesterday was fine and dandy. Today is bloated...

I do know from exprierence that it really does get better. It really really really does. Water really helps with the bloating. As does going to bed and forgetting about it until tomorrow!

Hang in there...

One day at a time...

(i love what you said about remembering that your body does a good job - it really resonated with me!)

'I will not choose not to be'

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