Blood vessels around zee eyesss....

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Blood vessels around zee eyesss....

When purging I sometimes had red dots around my eyes from purging. But as the years have gone on...well not even years. Since December time they have got so bad. Whenever purge now my face just gets covereddddddddddddd in red dots. broken blood vessels. I was wondering if anyone could tell me why all of a sudden they are getting worse? SO badly. It's really getting to me. I'm having to lie to people and say I'm having an allergic reaction. hGFYTvhjbfkdv i hate this mess. This just proves purging and binging and GDFYUshjigurdvjcx AHGsydah notttt worth it!!!!!!!

its getting to me.
my face has been swollen for ten days now.

I don't know if it's linked but i've also noticed i'll loose circulation in my fingers after I purge. Or my toes. and thats been getting just as worse as the blood vessels. Somethings wrong. Scared. Should go to doctors but so many bad experiences with them. Silly me. I sound so lame.


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i think this is quite common

i think this is quite common sign of bulimia. i get the burst blood vessels around my eyes. but... yours sounds extra bad, so i think you should go to the doc. i don't know why it would get worse except i guess the blood vessels get more and more fragile. there is one solution..!?!?! the poor circulation in your hands and toes may be just raynauds that you've developed and is unrelated, but it may be linked so i think you should probably mention it too.

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thank you for your

thank you for your reply.


i know the right solution is to stop.
and this is a perfect reason to add to the long list of more red dots on face please!!!!
Hope your well x

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the circulation could also be

the circulation could also be diabetes. i mean, its very doubtful but have you had bloodwork done recently? its good to see where your electrolytes are too. i hope you are open with your doctor about your ed.

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Has anyone every purged so

Has anyone every purged so bad that they woke up the next morning with bloodshot eyes?? This happened to me once, it burst the vessels in my eye balls and it quite literally looked like my eye balls were bleeding! Had to take time off work, doctor didn't think anything of it, said it could have happend during a sneeze! Looked scarey though!

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backslide_cyanide - i am

backslide_cyanide - i am open with my doctor. been in and out of that surgery and hospitals for the past year. nhs hasnt really got me anywhere but...oh well...

Having blood work done in 3 weeks time for yet anotherrrrrrr asessment. Hmm. Wonder what shit i've done to myself. I think this is the wakeup call i need.

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YES. I hate this. My close friends know that I have an eating disorder, so after I have strained myself too much they know. Swollen glands and spots on my eyes. Only once has it been really bad, half my eyeball was red, I had to stay home from school.

I find that it is bad when you don't stop purging when most of the food or all of the liquid is gone. I realize that this is hard to do, but straining yourself when there isn't anything in there is no good either.

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