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body calculations.

I'm sorry, im not sure if im allowed or even if i should post this, but im just wondering, has anyone calculated, their body mass, or done the body calculations thing.
You have to be 18, or over for it too be accurate, so im too young, but i want to do it.
I'm not sure if it would help or not, i have anorexia as well as bulimia, so i need to gain weight, the one thing i dont want to do, im terrified of gaining weight, but i feel that if i was actually told, like if i was to see the figures and see that i was underweight it would give me a shock, make me gain the weight?

Has anyone had it done, their body calculations? if so did it help or anything?

You dont have to write back, and if you do leave out the details and that, im just wondering if it made you gain weight, if thats what you had to do, or make you even more addicted or worse with the ED?




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I actually had a BMI

I actually had a BMI calculator on my old phone (which I turned in yesterday, a good thing I think)... which is sad but I am incredibly OCD about checking my BMI every time I weigh myself. I found it very triggering to restrict (which leads to B/Ps). My mother threw out our scale and my doctor weighs me backwards, so I have stopped being able to weigh and calculate. I think that the best thing for you to due is try and eliminate all numbers from your life- calories, weight, inches, BMI, etc and that way you can focus on getting what your body needs and not what your mind wants. Of course, that is easier said then done! Just don't go down the BMI route, it made me drop way out of my weight range and set me back a ton. Good luck and stay strong!


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<3 <3

I have calculated my BMI .. This, however, was when I was at my worst in bulimia. I was in the "underweight" category and, for some odd reason, it made me feel strong.. Knowing that I was not "normal" or "overweight" made me feel different and good.. I know that being underweight is not healthy, but it makes me feel beautiful.. That's the monster talking..

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i loved being underweight. it

i loved being underweight. it made me feel different. i felt like people envied me (they probably didn't- i was so skinny)
and now i'm normal. ordinary. i'm just boring and dull. and the same as everyone else. and none of my skinny interesting clothes fit anymore. so i just wear dull boring clothes to hide myself. and no one envies me anymore.

this is a totally warped view of the world. i know. but that's just the way i am.

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