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Is anyone familiar with the BodyBugg? I got one a couple years ago when I worked at a gym that wanted me to sell them, I felt like I needed to try it to see if it was something I felt comfortable recommending to my clients. Well, that being said, it helped me to drop the last 10lbs of my 125lb weight loss goal. (The weight loss was done sans bulimic episodes, just completely changed my eating habits and started exercising. Took me about 2 years.) So it essentially took the guesswork out.

Here's the thing. I reinstated my subscription when I began to seek help for bulimia because it helps ease the need to binge if I can see in black and white that my metabolism is still working. I know this is not the healthiest thing but it helps me to not freak out. So I have been trying to eat as much as I am expending to stabalize my body. Today, however, I went to a Christmas party with a dance and lets just say that I haven't taken in near as much as I expended. This is for a couple reasons, I thought I'd be hungrier there and eat more as well as I TORE up the dance floor and had a blast! But I am not hungry at all, I am actually quite full after eating another meal when I got home due to the unexpected healthy dinner there.

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I know the Bodybugg, but I

I know the Bodybugg, but I don't own one. I wouldn't worry to much about being off-balance for a day. Your body will know how to take care of itself...Think of it like this: If it was the other way around (more calories consumed than burned), you know by now nothing bad is going to happen right? Just continue your normal eating and exercise routine today. It's a good thing you tuned into your hunger/full feelings! Maybe after a while, you won't need the Bodybugg anymore, and can rely completely on what your body tells you.

Also, hurray for dancing and having fun!

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