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Branching out

I've gotten to a point where I'm NO LONGER AFRAID OF MY FEAR FOODS! You guys can too! It's gradual, but SO rewarding to eat whatever you want. I have always loved sweets, especially chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast. This week I went out with my friend and co-worker, who I've shared about my bulimia-which has helped tremendously with my recovery- and we went to iHOP for lunch. I started to browse over the 'light and fit' options (I'm SO used to pouring over calories on menus) but then stopped. Took a deep breath and asked myself what would satisfy me. I ordered chocolate chip pancakes with extra butter and syrup. I ate half of the stack when I stopped, too full to continue. I saved the rest, and ate the leftovers for dinner!

I think intuitive eating, at least for me, is really just asking yourself what you're hungry for. When I stuck to safe foods, (vegetables, lean fish, ONLY whole grain carbs) I was NOT satisfied, and eventually fell into a relapse. And the reason I began to no longer be afraid of my cravings, is because the initial thought after dinner that night "Oh no! I ate pancakes for lunch AND dinner and probably will continue to eat sweets and get fat". That didn't happen. I was satiated, and the following day, I didn't even want anything sweet.

So I'm through being on the diet bandwagon of depriving myself of sweets, and french fries from burger king. I'll eat them every now and then, when my body wants some more greasy delish :)

Breathe. Feel. Process. Let go.

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That's so cool!! Congrats on

That's so cool!! Congrats on your healthy relationship with food. Thanks for sharing that story. I'm in the very early stages of exploring intuitive eating so it's motivating for me to be able to read success stories of others :-)

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Great post! Thanks for

Great post! Thanks for sharing, and I can only imagine the sense of relief you must feel listening to your body and it being satisfied.

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Awesome Deirdre!! That really

Awesome Deirdre!!

That really is one of the most amazing feelings during recovery, and even once recovered, to think back and realize how far you've come and that life isn't about calories, but about being happy.

I am sooo Happy for you!

Life is too short to not be happy

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Isnt it amazing!! Its so full

Isnt it amazing!! Its so full of freedom and no more guilt!!!! Congrats to you! :)

Love alone is worth the fight. - Jon Foreman

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