Buddies anyone?

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Buddies anyone?

Hello, I am currently living in Brazil and would love to have a friend to help. I have always done better working with others, I~m looking for someone who can help me be accountable for my actions. Positing them online doesn~t help as much as if I send it to someone and they respond. I would love to have someone going through the same thing to help me. I am starting my third month of recouvery really badly. My first two months were great, I was eating on schedule and stoping my binging episodes and if I purged I just picked myself up and tried again. However these last few days have been the opposite it is like now I can't stop myself anymore. Some help would be nice!

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Hey there I'd would love to

Hey there

I'd would love to help you and support you. What do you need? I have also found it really good to have to be accountable to somebody. I have asked my husband and friend to do this and have vowed to always be honest with them even though it feels uncomfortable and confronting to be asked. Have you got anyone in your life you can be accountable face to face?

I am day 5 now after a really rough few weeks. Feeling hopeful and being really careful to not restrict as I know it is dangerous for me.

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I'm Also here for you , we

I'm Also here for you , we can also get intouch viia whatsaap ...if you like ...it would also help me :) ..don't worry I'm also new here it's been 2 weeks for me no purging ....I must say it jus feels great and I hope to continue that way ....your not alone we have to get rod of this stupid disease that has no fucking point in our lives and doesn't do us any good ...let me know ciao

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