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Bulimia Face

I am going through major face issues. My glands are so painfully swollen it is embarrassing. I would just like to ask how long into recovery you went before you started noticing no more swelling and a normal-looking jawline?

Any advice to help with the pain? I have been massaging my glands.


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When I stop purging, I notice

When I stop purging, I notice the swelling gets worse the second day and starts to subside in about 4 days to a week. When I've made it 2 months without b/p, I noticed that at the end of the two months my face looked completely different than I'd ever seen it before. Not only were the glands not swollen, but other parts of my face had been swollen for 10 years without my knowing. But, back to your question, in 4 days to a week the glands won't be noticably swollen.

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I am dealing with a very

I am dealing with a very swollen throat right now too and am here to talk. We can beat this!

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I agree, If I b/p... the next

I agree, If I b/p... the next day it's worse and after abotu a week or so it goes down significantly. I've made to two months before and there was a decent amount of change! Don't worry! Just keep hydrated and get back on track with SE. You'll see your body will thank you for the nourishing food and hydration :)

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I'm always feeling like it's

I'm always feeling like it's a trade-off for either being thin in the body (with purging), or thin in the face (without purging). I used to only wear my hair down to cover my swollen glands, but over the years my hair has gotten drastically thinner, to the point that I can't wear it down anymore, so I have to be cautious about the swollen glands. Almost every week I would make a plan to stop purging on Friday so that I would have the weekend for my glands to go down in swelling and would be normal on Monday. (It never worked).

Catherine Liberty
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Hi Dana, I'm so sorry to

Hi Dana,

I'm so sorry to hear you're struggling with painful swelling of your glands right now, I remember how horrible my facial swelling got when I first started to recover too, but please hang in there! As with all of the not so pleasant side-effects of recovery, try to remind yourself that this is temporary. You are going to be so proud of yourself for making it though in the end.

I'd agree with what everyone else has said here, the swelling does seem to get worse for some time when you first start to recover but eventually it is going to go away. From what I've seen over the years, most people appear to notice a swelling reduction within the first 2-6 weeks, a similar time in which it takes the general "recovery bloat" to subside. Personally while I also noticed a slight reduction of swelling in this time I'd say it took about 6 months before I saw a big noticeable change in my own facial swelling. It was tough, I remember thinking I was just going to be stuck with a bulimic face forever, but I suppose it just goes to show that we all heal in our own time and that we have to be willing to be patient.

We see an increase in swelling initially because when you purge it can cause you to lose some of the water from the glands in your face - so it can actually initially give the impression of reduced swelling - but it is important to remember that this is very temporary and that it's the cycle of bingeing and purging causing the real problem.

Keeping really well hydrated should definitely help - I'm worried that you're experiencing so much pain though, is this a new symptom for you? It might be a good idea to visit your doctor to ensure that you don't have an infection if the pain is persisting.

Catherine :)

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I can totally relate; on

I can totally relate; on previous attempts to stop b/ping after several successful days I would notice the swelling in my jawline area...this would become so bad that I would allow myself to purge in order to reduce the 'chipmunk cheek' effect...this was always a stupid short term effect where the swelling would subside post binge for a few days and then low and behold the whole nasty cycle began again....now as someone starting recovery again I know this swelling is an inevitable hurdle that I will have to grin and bear in order to achieve ultimate long-term freedom....it hasnt started yet (the swelling) but I know it will come and I will just have to tackle it head on and try my hardest not to give in to the urge to purge to reduce the swelling...feel your pain hun!

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Thank you all for your

Thank you all for your support and encouragement. Even though this post is from more than one year ago, it feels nice to read it.


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I guess it depends on the

I guess it depends on the length of time and how often you binge and purge. As a Bulimic for 15yrs usually after a purge session it takes around a month at least before I notice a difference in my glands and maybe longer for my cheeks and face to settle.
Its sometimes the ones thing that prevents me from binging and purging...I halt and think nope. don't want the fat face for weeks to come!

'We are each of us angels with only one wing, so we can only fly by embracing each other'

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Yes the face bloat is

Yes the face bloat is terrible. Due to the forcement & pressure during e episode.
Don't look at the mirror during this recovery period. It's demoralizing. Shut of all reflections and wear a face mask if possible. Least u look better with something covered. Well got to live off in denial if u really wanna look good.
I suppose ;)
I'm trying.

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Hey guys, to combat the face

Hey guys,
to combat the face bloat I have been gargling salt water and seeing an acupuncturist who does targeted treatments on my face to help with the painful swelling. After the treatments and gargling I do seem to notice some decreased swelling. So maybe some of these suggestions could help. Best of luck with recovery to all of you.


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